Where to begin????

Ok, the biggest news?  I will be moving (again).  It makes me really tired just thinking about it LOL.  Where am I moving to???  Wait til you see this!!!  (you've got to click on the link)

I have been given the SUPER-FABULOUS opportunity to move there!!!!  What is so great about this???  Well, the artist live/work lofts are connected to the Western Avenue Studios building (http://westernavenuestudios.com/) which is an amazing old mill building turned into art studios (I've mentioned them before).  This is another phase of the complex development.  If you look at the next link, my unit is #202 in the lower left corner of the floor plan.  This unit is 1335 square feet of completely customizable studio/home space.  And, this unit has an exposed brick wall as well as a wood ceiling (14').  It has a warmer feel than some of the other units with just plaster walls.  You can build and configure anything you want to within that space.  WOW!!

So what does this opportunity mean for me?  
  • I can minimize my living space and maximize my studio space
  • I can SELL MY ARTWORK within my space
  • I can display my artwork in the hall and open my studio to the public on "Open Studio Saturdays" (the first Saturday of each month plus weekends at the holidays)
  • I can become a part of the artist community that is a significant component of this entire complex
  • I can TEACH WORKSHOPS in this space
  • I can order and pick up Thermofax screens every day (LOL if Friends Fabric Art puts up with me)
  • I'm sure there is more :)
Friends Fabric Art is my vendor for Thermofax screens.  Remember, you can order on-line directly through them if you have a design you want to make into a Thermofax screen!!

The next 3 weeks are going to be sooooo hectic for me.  On the 19th - 21st I will be down in NJ taking workshops at the CREATE retreat and then will be, for the 2nd time in 7 months, packing up everything I own and moving again the following weekend.  I'm apologizing in advance for lack of blog posts LOL

Ok, so now to the good stuff!  Liquitex has a brand new product out so you know I had to try it!  Water-based professional spray paints!!!!

Yes, I bought 7 cans ($11 each).  I took them outside this afternoon to experiment with them but it wasn't a lot of fun because the humidity here must be 100% today.  I did spray fabric and paper and will show you the results later once everything dries.  I thought these would be a very cool alternative to the Color Wash sprays.  Once the acrylic dries it's there to stay.  Liquitex has a huge selection of colors and these cans are big 12 oz cans!  I went into Michael's to get black acrylic paint and came out with a basket full of other stuff!  

The picture at the top of this post is the double-page spread in my big journal, the first half of which you saw a few posts ago.  The page on the right (below) is the one I am currently working on so it is not finished yet.  

The other picture is another page in the same journal that I created from taking color laser copies of the originals so I could cut and paste them together on the large pages.  The imagery was created by using my paint palette leftovers with stamps made from sticky-back fun foam layered on top and some Thermofax screen-printed deli paper as well.

And last, but not least, is my reject gelatin printing plate.  I was so bummed because I created a nice big gelatin printing plate last weekend and intended on using it Sunday night.  Well, that didn't happen and now that my refrigerator is really empty, the darn thing froze over.  Big bummer!  The only part I could salvage was around 6" round circle so I worked with that for a little while before boredom set in :)

I think at my new loft, I will get a small refrigerator that I can keep gelatin plates in ready for printing at any time!  I'll be careful not to set the temperature too cold.  That's it in a nutshell.  My head is spinning, I need a nice long vacation away from everything (but that won't happen) and I can't wait to begin my new life adventure in my artist loft!  Tomorrow will be all about play in my current studio and I'll post again tomorrow night!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and stay cool!!!!



HollyM said…
Margaret that sounds so exciting! And such an opportunity! I think it would be great to minimize necessities in ltrade for studio space.
It will be a busy time for you but worth it in the end.
I'd like to do some gelli printing again too, but there's too much going on right now. My husband will be on vacation in two weeks as well and we're planning a small camping trip near where my son lives. It'll probably take me a week to get ready, lol.
elle said…
Margi, I hope you'll still hang out with us messy mixed media mamas! LOL You are gonna have such a blast! And you are going to move ahead in leaps and bounds. Of course this will be after the initial exhaustion dissipates. Wish I could come help you do the dull packing and then stay for the uber unpacking. Let me come pinch you at least so I know I'm not in your dream, too. vbsigh. We will want a full blog tour so we can live vicariously in your dream and will forgive scanty posting. Two fridges; I wonder which will be fuller??? GRIN!
Well good grief, girl...you are full of information today. The new digs sounds so fun and exciting. You know, you could skip the extra fridge and just buy some Gelli Arts printing plates....they're always ready when you want to play and no refrigeration needed!!!
elle said…
okay, I zoomed in! Where is the kitchen? Not that I'm interested in cooking. lol I was just wondering about the gelli printing? Which way does the window face? For some strange reason I always need to orient my main window. This is so cool. You do have the very best one! Brick! vbsigh
One other thing I wanted to mention....I've started using the Tumble Tie Dyes sprays instead of Color Wash because they are permanent. I've been getting them at my local Hobby Lobby. I've not heard about the new Liquitex sprays. Are they aerosol?
Yvonne said…
That sounds wonderful....I'll have to come and see you there. :)
Adrian said…
Congratulations! This sounds like the move of a lifetime!! So many good opportunities for you and everybody you meet. Wonderful. It will be worth the scramble!
LuAnn Kessi said…
Hi Margaret,

Put your jello plate in the oven and melt it down, then back in the frig to chill. Works great for frozen jello plates, old jello plates, cracked jello plates, etc.
You can do this over and over and over again!

LuAnn in Oregon