Sunday Night Blues

Who doesn't get the blues on Sunday night thinking about the long upcoming 9-5 week (or more like 8-6 lately).  I really need a vacation :)  Anyway, there is so much to do and only 3 weeks to do it so I'd better just "go with the flow".  I had a lot of printing fun today and collaged a little bit.  I let my sprayed fabric dry overnight  and the one thing that I noticed is that the Liquitex spray paints allow the fabric to keep its hand.  The colors are cool and I just experimented with them randomly on the fabric.  Those two pics are below.

I'm thinking I might experiment again with wet fabric and see how the results are different.  Below are unfinished collages using some pieces of deli paper.  The middle piece was spray painted.

My new favorite color?  Liquitex phthalocyanine green mixed with phthalocyanine blue.  I love this deep water color!!!  A lot of the printing to deli paper that I did today was actually using the paint palette.  I would mix up colors directly on the paint pallet, stamp into it or scratch lines in it and then lay the deli paper on top to pick up the print.  I love the subtle patterning as shown in the pic below on the far right side.

This was just stamping over a previous Gelli plate printing but I was working with the reds and thought it would be a great addition to the orange and pinks.  I had stamped into the Gelli plate with hand-made stamps.

I bought some new mixed-media paper by Strathmore in a little 8" x 6" size to see how the paper was different from watercolor.  I'm thinking about the orange compliment palette paper print for a very simple little collage that I can frame a series for the loft.  Gotta create those pieces that need to be on display!!!  

I want to thank LuAnn Kessi for her e-mail on repairing gelatin printing plates.  She said, 
"Put your jello plate in the oven and melt it down, then back in the frig to chill. Works great for frozen jello plates, old jello plates, cracked jello plates, etc.  You can do this over and over and over again!"

I had no idea I could salvage it!  Thank you so much for the very useful information, LuAnn!!!

I've got a few Thermofax screen orders to go prepare for shipping.  I hope everyone had a beautiful summer weekend and Friday will be here again before we know it!  (I think I'm just trying to convince myself.) LOL



elle said…
You are full of ideas. The Liquitex spray sounds great. I wonder how long before we get it up here! A liitle down after such a lot of ups is kinda inevitable. Also makes room for more ups! Jello away!!! Get those art works ready for display!
Well, you have lots of great things going on Miss Margaret! The spray paint results look fabulous, and a little bit of collage keeps the blues away!? I'm with ya sister on the workweek stuff. Hang in there!