Studio Sunday and Paper Printing Results

It is absolutely beautiful here today though a tad bit warm.  It's expected to be in the high 90's again but I will be well protected here in my comfortable studio as it will stay cool being half under ground.  I had a lot of fun just letting loose and printing yesterday!  If you haven't had a chance to watch any of the free videos I am posting, go check them out on my blog page titled STUDIO SERIES FREE VIDEOS.  I will be adding more soon.  The first set of 3 videos is all about Thermofax screen-printing on deli paper, watercolor paper and palette paper!!!  Using one of my favorite screens, which you can order in my Etsy shop shown HERE, is the basic stripes.  I use this to make backgrounds and pieces to rip up for collage.  These 2 shown were done on watercolor paper.  The deli paper prints come out fabulous too!!!

I have also been playing with Gelli plate monoprinting but intend to make a much larger plate of real gelatin for monoprinting and I will share that fun as soon as I can!  The other upcoming video is stamping on top of the prints made from everything in the two previous topics. FUN FUN FUN!!!

Of course, I can't help but share pics of all the fun I had!!!  These collages were created using painted, printed and stamped deli paper and stamped palette paper.  Both of these papers are fantastic and fun to work with.  The palette paper (Strathmore size 12" x 16" is a little on the pricey side but the fact that you can  spread around your left over paint and print on top of that without wasting a single sheet makes it very worth the cost.

It's quite the mix of imagery but what I am actually creating are more "master boards" that Traci Bautista refers to in her artwork that I mentioned in a previous post.  I will create color copies of these pages from my big journal and use that to cut up and use in journal pages and other collages.

Last, but not least, I want to share a couple of adorable pics of my stinky ferret babies, Daisy and Dylan, as they sleep peacefully in their hammock (so freaking cute!!!).  I still need to find them a good, loving home as they are quite the handful!  The house I'm renting has seen quite a few interested parties and I may be moving earlier than I though.  Stand by on that :)  


elle said…
Your friends are cute. Think of the great imagery all over the deli papers and screens fromurry foot prints! lol The videos are great and the finished products amazing. I'm so looking forward to more videos and so I better get going on what I've learned. Thanks so much for doing this.
HollyM said…
Your printed and collaged pages are lovely! And the ferrets are too cute!
I'm not getting much done this weekend. It is a long weekend here and my youngest is home. Also, it is very hot and muggy here, so I can't do much.
Sandy said…
It's amazing what you do with a "plain" type screen. I watch l video a day to extend the pleasure. Cute ferrets.
Love the furry friends... and I have to say I agree with Elle... paw prints? Fun! Looks like you had a great productive time! Haven't had a chance to look at videos...soon, hopefully! Thanks Margaret, you're a wonder!XO
Adrian said…
Adorable fur balls!! You're doing a great job with your videos. Nice art work and getting good with all the technical stuff. Wow! YGG!!!!!!