Searching for Branches and Joyful Layering

Welcome to THE WEEKEND!!!  I swear these weeks are flying by which makes me really worried about being ready to move on the 29th!!  Of course, I am ecstatic and thinking all about arranging the new studio and living space.  I can visualize most of it already but I really need to think about storage and an area where I plan to teach a few workshops!

Ok, I'm off to a really good start this morning.  A little studio play with some ideas on using all of my screen-printed and stamped deli paper collages.  I went searching the grounds around my work before leaving yesterday so I could gather a few leafy vines so I could scan them into Photoshop Elements to make into brushes.  I was thinking stencils and screens, but this is what emerged.

There was a post I did here on re-purposing our artwork.  The image above is a perfect example of repurposing my art.  The key here is layering.  As you can see, the background is from a picture of one of the pages that I collaged using torn pieces of the deli papers that was stamping, screen-printing and painting on.  On the left side of the image, I added a brush of one of my swirly borders which is a Thermofax screen as well, and then layered another painted and stamped page that you can see coming through the leaves of the new brush I made.  By layering all of these elements and using some of the blending modes in Photoshop Elements, you can create fabulous designs!!  I printed this one to watercolor paper and used my ultra-fine point Sharpie marker to draw messy, sketchy lines around the leaves and vine.

I know I should print this to fabric and experiment with stitching!  We'll see!!!  So basically, this process would be considered my "Digital Monoprinting" process as it results in the look and feel of an advanced monoprint.  What I love about this process is that all the imagery is mine and I am re-purposing those nice big pages of collage I have been working on.  Stay tuned for more!

Now let's get busy creating!!!!


HollyM said…
I think it's a beautiful piece! I would also love to see it on fabric. I sure the digital mono printing effects.
HollyM said…
I think it's a beautiful piece. I would love to see it on fabric as well. Someday I'd like to try the digital mono print method.
Just curious where you get the deli paper. Grocery stores or places like Subway? Do you buy it?
HollyM said…
Sorry, I didn't think the first comment worked perhaps you can delete.
Adrian said…
Your layers are working beautifully! I love the vine. Things from nature are always so satisfying. Have a great weekend. Fill a few boxes as a way to "take a break".
elle said…
Now that I'm a liking very much! Ths colours, the layering, the 'brushes'! keep layering away the weekend!
Yvonne said…
I love it. :)