More from CREATE NJ and FREE Giveaway!!!!


Yes!!!  An unexpected package arrived the other day containing my Quilting Arts Workshop DVD copies!!  I am so totally excited to be giving this first copy away!!!  It still blows my mind to think this actually happened!!!  YAY!!!

So how can you win???  I'd like to make this more challenging than it is but I have A LOT of packing to do as I am moving next weekend LOL.

Simply leave a comment here on this post by this Friday (July 27th) at midnight and I will pull out the Random Number Generator and announce the winner!!!!  

Back to more from my CREATE NJ workshops!  I have to tell you that one of the most important things about artistic workshops/retreats is the ability to meet and hang out with other like-minded souls.  I have been to enough retreats to expect that I will meet some amazing people and connect with a few very special ones.  CREATE NJ was no different.  

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's workshop was awesome!!!  Marilyn and Sandi, whom I met in Michelle Ward's workshop were also in Julie's workshop.  Another connection I made was with Deb Averitt who sat next to me in Julie's workshop.  Deb's journal came out FABULOUS!!!  Here she is with both sides wide open!

Is that super cool or what!!!!????

I loved EVERYTHING about her journal!  The mix of blues and greens were awesome!!  She tried something different on every page as we all played with Julie's stencils and borrowed stamps from each other at our table.  Of course, everyone's journal came out fabulous but Deb's just had that over-the-top appeal to me!  After the workshop, Deb and I caught a bite to eat and listened to each others' stories.  Deb is another amazing woman full of creative energy that's just starting to burst from the seams!  If this is the beginning, I can't wait to see what she does next!!!  You go girl!!!

Here are more pics from Jodi Ohl's workshop.  Look at all the fabulous colors that everyone is working with!  
John McAllister

Lisa Lentini-Pombrio

Michele Luxenberg

Terry Commander

Sally Lentz

Dana Zatman

and Edie  
(who's last name I forgot to write down, sorry Edie)

Everyone made such cool stuff and Jodi inspired all of us to really have fun with it and we did!!!

The last workshop I took was Jenn Mason's IrRESISTible Paper Engineering Mash-up!  This was an awesome workshop where we got to try out a whole bunch of different types of resists on paper.  Now I know how these resists work and how they are affected by watercolor and acrylic paints and I can go purchase the ones I like best!!  Here are shots of some of the resists with watercolor paints!

I think my favorites were Diamond Glaze, Gesso and the Ranger Watermark Re-inker.  The watermark re-inker is shown in green below and the resist actually darkens instead of lightening up.  Beautiful and Thanks Jenn!!!

Here are a couple more shots of my friend Gina's Debris Journal pages from Michelle Ward's workshop!


So don't forget to leave a comment to be entered to win my Quilting Arts Workshop DVD!!!!!  See you soon!!!!


Sandy said…
The classes look like fun.
Your video will be super judging by the free ones you posted and I watched.
Gill said…
It looks as though you had such a great time at create!
I love Deb Averitt's work! does she have a blog??
I'm off for another workshop with Ineke Berlyn next week - it's entitled 'Dye, print and stitch' - can't wait!
Congratulations on your DVD - you must be thrilled! Good luck with your move!
HollyM said…
It all looks like such fun! I wish that I lived a little closer how exciting to get your copies of the DVD!
Of course I'd love to win it!
Well it truly sounds like your CREATE weekend was energizing, create-full, and fun. So glad for you. And how exciting that your DVD arrived too. I hope your move goes well and I hope you have someone to help you.
elle said…
Gracious, I'd luv to have your organizational skills. THIS weekend? But if you are pumped I guess you'll be able to do it all. LOL I do wish you well and I'm so looking forward to keeping up with all this wonderful new inspiration and actual studio surroundings. Bless you, Maggi. Don't forget to take some deep breaths once in a while. Wish I could help you!!! So consider me your cheering section! ;^)
Unknown said…
Good going on your new space. It will be fun to be able to design your space as you wish. I have been following your blog and find it great. Would love the video. Good luck with it.
Micki said…
i love your blog and would love your video!!!
LynneP said…
Thanks for the chance to win your looks awesome!

Loved the photos from CREATE. How wonderful you got to go.
Kim said…
I love the fact that DVD's are becoming available, there are a lot of reasons people cannot travel to workshops. This is the next best thing.

thank you

Quilt or Dye said…
Me! Me! Me! Pick me for your give-away, please!
Jeanne said…
Once again, you are so generous! I would love to win your DVD!
Margie--I cannot read this too good just yet... but will have to come back and study all your lovelies... sounds like you had a great time - of course! Thanks for the givewaay and I hope to be "randomly" yours! 2nd cataract surgery today - next week, back to full speed, as you may be, also. Best luck for moving!
Yvonne said…
Looks like you had a fabulous time! Always good to make new friends!