CREATE Yummy Recap

Is it Sunday already???  Grooaannnn, I need a week off!  Got home at 1:30 a.m. this morning from a FABULOUS fun time at CREATE Mixed Media Retreat in Somerset, NJ.  I tried to squeeze in as much as possible so I didn't leave there until 9:00 p.m.

CREATE was awesome!!!  When I got there Thursday, I ended up jumping into Jodi Ohl's workshop for Sweetheart Magnets.  It was a blast and just what I needed to get rolling!  I will share class pics later but here are mine, not yet finished.

We had a blast making backgrounds to cut sections of to use as the background to our embellishments.

Somehow I think I was meant to be in this class as I came away with not only some fun art but two new friendships.  Sandra Koterba (below) is such a wonderful woman.  I sat next to her in Jodi Ohl's workshop and we immediately started chatting.  Sandi and her friends were also taking Michelle Ward's Debris Journal workshop!!  Sandi's artwork is BEAUTIFUL, as she is, and I'll be seeing her again in October at Art Is in CT where she will be teaching wet felting geodes!!  You go girl!!!!

Check out her workshop here!!

Also in Jodi Ohl's workshop, I met Gina Konopack who became a fast friend!  Gina is an interior designer  by day and is into all kinds of fun mixed media techniques which she also shares with her 8-year-old daughter!!  How fun is that??!!!  I was totally drawn to Gina's choice of colors and her background papers and it turned out that we were both taking Michelle Ward's Debris Journal workshop the next day!!

So my first night at CREATE I met two amazing women who have touched my heart and I can't wait to catch up with them!!! 

The next day, I regrouped with Gina and Sandi in Michelle Ward's workshop where we were consumed by  all things Michelle!!!  I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I am with Michelle as an artist, teacher and woman.  I love her art, her ideas and techniques and who she is as a person.  The Debris Journals were all amazing and is was a hugely successful workshop!!!  Half of the attendees were going to be in her second class the following day but I wasn't able to get into that one.  Here are some shots of my pages:

and a couple of shots of Gina's pages:

I luv, luv, luv Gina's X page!  Here colors were bright and explosive and I loved the combinations she used!

I've got more to tell about CREATE and my other classes and will get the rest out there later on today!  Here is Michelle with Gina!!!!  Great shot girls!!!

See you soon!!!


Monica said…
So glad you had fun, Margaret.Those journal pages look amazing!
elle said…
Sounds like a great time, Margi!
HollyM said…
It must have been such fun! At least you had a little break before moving time.
It's always nice to make creative friends too!
Jodi Ohl said…
Love your recap of our class and so glad you were able to jump in Margaret, you made a wonderful addition to the class and like you was obviously meant to be!! :)) Extra bonus points that you made some new friends! Sandra is awesome all around and Gina is such a delight-we had a great group of students! Awesome to hear you all reconnected during the event!
souliesandra said…
you are so awesome! I knew you were someone very special. you are so talented and so sweet. I loved everything you did.
Ever think about doing street art?