Studio Sunday

This weekend has been a "clean-up" and "make presentable" weekend.  It started with my Creating Personal Imagery 101 workshop which I did some major reorganization on and continue to ready it for launch.  Soon!!  I shifted my program to video direct from Photoshop Elements to my laptop so that I can get a much closer screen view.  I found that videos from my desktop and wide screen monitor were going to be too small to produce the quality that I want to provide so there are some "do overs" in the works.  

I managed to slip in a late night collage as I sipped on my ice coffee well past 9:00 pm.  I was literally picking  pieces of my screen-printed and mono-printed deli papers and collaged them on a large page in my big journal without thinking too much about placement.  I need to add more black to my work right now because I feel like the color is out of control and I need to ground it.  I do like this and plan on restocking my printed deli paper soon so stay tuned!!

I really love the versatility of using the deli paper because of how it takes the paint and yet it is so thin that ripping it up and collaging with it is really easy.  I remember who I was inspired with this way!!  If you haven't heard of Anne Bagby, she is an amazing mixed-media artist.  Another who cuts her own stamps and creates patterns sometimes taken from history.  She is a fine artist and I wish I had a chance to take her workshop when I was out in Washington in 2008 at ArtFest but it was already booked when I registered.

Anyway, I have 2 of Anne Bagby's DVDs that I purchased from Creative Catalyst.  (Oh my gosh, she has a new one!!!)  At the bottom of the page I just linked, you will see 3 DVDs that she has done through this vendor.  I'm telling you, the two I have, "Collage: Paper, Patterns & Glazing" and "Pattern & Form: Advanced Collage Techniques" are both fantastic!  I'll let you know how the third one is, "The Grunge Book: An Acrylic Art Journal" as soon as I receive it! LOL  If you take a moment to look at her art  HERE, you will notice how amazing her ability is to incorporate collage within her work.  Her collaged prints are all done on deli paper!!!  It was after watching her DVDs that I had to find deli paper to try using it with my own imagery.  Funny how I didn't really until now ??!!

Yes, this is the green monoprint again. LOL  I'm getting bored with it as I've added additional stitching and then gone over the edges of the car wash paper towel borders with some Lumiere paint in Halo Blue Gold to accent the edges.  I wanted to add some beading but I see this as getting way out of control because of the strange patterning and I'd rather stop now and make a new monoprint with better placed images to develop on fabric.

The other part of clean up and make presentable I was referring to at the beginning of my post is related to my living and studio space.  Life is constantly changing and I guess that makes it interesting but it also causes lots of stress.  I will be moving again sometime between now and January.  Ugh  It will all depend on when the house I am renting will be rented by someone else or if it sells.  I will be here until January if all else fails.  In an effort to liven the place up a little to make it more presentable, I added this gorgeous rug to the livingroom and placemats to my dining table.  Of course, I hardly use the rooms but with prospective tenants and buyers walking through, I felt the rooms needed a little more inspiration.

I luv, luv, luv this rug!!!  My living room chairs are kind of brick red and this rug tied in nicely.  It also covers any carpet stains on the wall-to-wall carpet that existed before I got here!!!

And how about some inspiring embroidered, colorful place mats????  LUV them too!!!  My dining table is a dark espresso color and these look fantastic on it!

So change is good, I've always felt that way.  The thought of packing everything up again, not so much :(  It could be weeks or months and until then, I still have my very big studio space to entertain myself with.  Let's not forget a couple of adorable little stinky ferrets to add to the mix!  I hope you are having a fantastic weekend and are making studio time for yourself!!!



elle said…
You are a bit of a detrement to getting ready for church! lol But luv that rug and placemats. I also have deli paper on my hubby's grocery list for when he does his BIG shop! I just have to leave him a few sheets and what the hey.... lol Happy Sunday, change is good!
I always looks forward to Sundays, regardless. But the other special reward is looking forward to your blog posts on those days (for the most part :) !! Wow - lots of changes, for sure. I guess it will keep you flexible Margaret -- keep up the great work; and wow to your amazing 'change-up' with the video/screen thing. Huh? (it's gobbley gook to me!) But GLAD though - am sure it will be worth it when we see your video/workshop stuff finished. Blessings dear girl!
P.S. deli wrap - still got it on my list!
HollyM said…
I love the finished collage piece you did with the stitching! It will be interesting to see what you will do with it and the other one you started.
You will be going through some difficult changes in the next little while. It's not always fun but I'm sure once it's done, you will be happy.
I've never known anyone with ferrets. They look so cute!
Adrian said…
Hey, I think the green monoprint looks great. If you are tired of it, put it away for awhile. I like the circles and some beading could liven them up - when you are ready. Artwork is never really done. You can certainly revisit this later and will see it with fresh eyes.
Sorry about the move thing, but hopefully your new space, wherever it is, will be large and light, too.
I am extremely thankful to find out these kinds of fantastic information becoming discussed openly online. Appreciate you for sharing these kinds of wonderful ideas.