Rip it Up!

Happy Tuesday!  I had a little down time recovering from my colonoscopy this morning (all good, just preventive maintenance) so I figured I would share a couple of results from a little studio play.  First, I want to encourage those who have not ever had a colonoscopy to add that to your "To Do" list!  I'm lucky enough to have good medical coverage that allowed me to have my first colonoscopy at 40 because the doctors had caught a pre-cancerous area in my Dad's colon 5 years ago.  Then two years ago, my Mom went in for the same surgery.  The worst part about the entire procedure is the prep.  The actual procedure is a breeze.  I can't stress enough the importance of preventive maintenance and eating right!!!  Now mamograms on the other hand, are a completely different story!!!! LOL

Anyway, I'll get off my box and get to the good stuff.  Remember this from the last post?  This was a portion of one of the collaged journal covers I made for my new journal.  This collage originated from screen-printed deli paper, dyed paper towels and left over pieces of wrapping tissue paper.  I repurposed it!!

I printed out a copy of it, tore it up, and now it looks like this!  I used various colored tissue papers and mono-printed deli paper mixed in and this spread is one of the wide pages in my current journal I showed over the weekend.  There is a fold seam in the middle as it is one of the pages that folds in on itself but I'm fine with this as you end up with two different pieces if you want to develop them separately.  I think this might be the first of many more.  This piece is just begging for stitching but I'm not quite ready to jump in.

Deli paper?  I'm loving it!!!!!  When you glue it down with Mod Podge, the unprinted parts blend right into the background just like tissue paper.  With 500 or so in a box, toss away the ugly ones if you want!  It won't feel that bad.  Or, challenge yourself to add more layers until you do like it or just plain rip it up!

Gelli Plate printing???  Don't get me started...

I hope you are having a great week!  See you Sunday!



Adrian said…
Sounds like you are having lots of fun. So, what do you like most about gelli plate printing? Does it wiggle like real jello? I got one a few months ago, but haven't used it yet. Am still making little girl twirly skirts. Maybe I'll get to the point of mixing some up some thickened dye and try that out on the gelli plate. (It could happen, really, I'm sure of it)
HollyM said…
I'm with you on the colonoscopy. I got one around45, had pre cancerous polyps removed so Ive had to go every several Years. Just had my 4 th in January with more removed. I can't stress them enough!
I love your torn up version. It will look really interesting with stitch.
How did you do the gelli printed piece? Did you stamp onto the plate?
elle said…
Wow, these are great. I'm all for the gelli, tear and stitch recipe!
Oh yes, let's get you started! It's so fun! So... where do you buy deli wrap? The big clubhouse type stores? Those images make my mouth water, Margaret!!! I WANT TO MAKE SOME!!! Colonoscopy... hmmm maybe someday!
Gill said…
I love what you're doing Margaret but what is 'deli paper'???
Yvonne said…
Happy to hear all with well! I'm loving what you're doing!