It's Here!! It's Here!!! My Quilting Arts Workshop DVD


Check out the newest addition to Quilting Arts Workshop DVDs!!!!!

Digital Design for Screen Printing: Creating Mini Canvas Screens for Surface Design

I've got to go download it right away!!!!  I think this calls for a giveaway (hint hint).  The DVDs for purchase are available for pre-order but won't be available until July.  You can still check out the preview at the link!

All feedback is welcome!!!



Dotti said…
Way to go Margaret. Clap clap clap clap...BRAVO! I'll be ordering it for download. I love the screenwork of all of you do BUT you have managed to take it to the next level in your layering techniques! (Starting with the tulips and star flowers!
Gill said…
Congratulations!! How exciting!
Yvonne said…
Congratulations!!!! I'm downloading it right now. :)
Woo hoo! that peek looked great. congrats to you!
elle said…
oooh! new hair do! You are so easy to watch. Partly because all the colours are soothing and focus is on your hands and supplies. You are focused and your words and actions flow wonderfully. I think I NEED this.
Adrian said…
The preview was great! Congratulations!! You must be flying high now that it is actually here for all to see and learn what you love to do. Wonderful!
HollyM said…
Oh Margaret, how exciting! It looks great. I'm looking forward to it!
Love your hair style; congratulations Margaret! I am looking forward to seeing you "on the Big Screen!!!"
Jeanne said…
Can't wait to see your workshop; preview looks great! Love the new "do!"