It's all a part of the process

Change, new perspectives, growth,'s all a part of the process of developing art and defining who we are and what our art well as to others.  As I develop my on-line workshops to share what I know and to help others possibly see their own art in a different perspective, I'm still continually growing and stretching and reaching higher through this process to see myself...
find myself.  

It's play and it's serious contemplation.  
It's developing a language that isn't yet spoken, felt or sensed.

It's wonder and joy, disdain and perseverance. 

It emerges slowly, almost to the tip of your tongue.  
Then it slips away again to the deepest crevice of your soul.

It's peaks and valleys, mile-long paths 
and then brilliant strikes of lightening.

It comes and goes.  
It's all a part of the process.


Image Artistry said…
Love the way you combine your thermofaxes. Out of interest, what paints do you use for your thermfaxes?
I really love the imagery in the second photo, with all the greens.
HollyM said…
What beautiful images Margaret! I also love your description of the process, very apt and beautiful!
elle said…
AH, a poetess!