Her Art Inspires Me!!

If you do not follow any art journal artists or mixed media artists, you may not know of Michelle Ward.  Michelle's artwork is frequently featured in Somerset Studio magazine and other Stampington publications and she also teaches at Valley Ridge Art Studio in Wisconsin.  Can I just tell you that HER ART INSPIRES ME!  I'm super excited that I have registered for one of her workshops at CREATE in Somerset, NJ in July called Debris Journals.  The date is creeping up and I need to figure out what I will do with my fuzzy ferrett friends, Daisy and Dylan, while I trip down to NJ for a couple of nights.  Is anyone going?  I would love to share a room!!!

Anyway, I just love Michelle's artwork and every time I turn around she has something new and different that she is doing.  The upcoming issue of Somerset Studio has another one of Michelle's fabulous articles in it if you happen to pick up the issue, but you can see her generous tutorials over on her blog.  I'm totally loving her stencil cutting and masks!!!  I want to fill an entire journal with this technique and I think that is where some of my recent journal pages are coming from.  

Here is her BLOG and here is her TUTORIAL PAGE.  You definitely have to check out her artwork and her tutorials!!!  Don't miss her stencil cutting tutorial!!!  She uses simple images but presents them in beautiful ways.  And the way she uses spray paint and acrylics to achieve these looks is so very cool!!  I can't wait for  the workshop!!!!

I am also going to be taking Sue Pelletier's workshop, Painterly Quilt!!  This should be fabulous as well!  If you haven't see Sue Pelletier's work, she has a DVD called Preparing to Paint that she did for ClothPaperScissors/Interweave.  I love her dimensional canvases and her use of molding paste.  Sue was recently here locally at Ink About It in Westford, MA but I didn't have a chance to sign up for her workshop so I am psyched to be catching up with her in NJ.

It will be nice to get away for some much needed creative exploration!  The last art retreat I attended was my 2008 trip to ArtFest in April.  It's a good thing I went when I did as there won't be another opportunity to go again now that Teesha has decided to take a break from it (very sad).

NEW BOOKS I RECOMMEND:  I just received a couple of great books you might be interested in.  The first is "Knot Thread & Stitch" by Lisa Solomon on Amazon.  Since I have been working on my hand-stitching on my green monoprint, this book caught my eye because of the untraditional ways embroidery is applied and in some really fun ways!  It's very cute!!!

The other book I picked up is called "Cut Up This Book" by Emily Hogarth on Amazon.  Back to paper cutting, Emily's cut paper imagery is so inspiring and it reminds me of doodles!!!!  There is some great inspiration for stencils and masks in this book for sure!!!

Oh, and if you haven't see this yet (LOL) here is a link to my own DVD for Quilting Arts/Interweave Press!!!

Have a fantastic week and I will catch up this weekend!!!



Those classes sound like fun and I'd love to go with you....oh if I only lived closer.
HollyM said…
I just looked at both artists and I wish I was closer too. They look like they will be such creative fun!
I've added the books to my cart as well.
Thanks for all the info!
elle said…
Daisy and Dylan? Pretend you are an eccentric woman and drape then artistically around your neck. Don't let them distract thought. ;^) Oye, my blog roll is beginning to get out of hand. Great sites.
michelle ward said…
Margaret, what a nice thing to read this morning! YOU made my day!! I am looking forward to meeting you and making cool stuff together in class. I want too learn more about your screen printing techniques...maybe it's time a take a class from you! Stay cool. See you soon!!!
elle said…
whoa! While I was visiting Michelle, she was visiting you! cool. I want to spray on tyvak stencils and masks. Please take notes!!! ;^) I also need to look up one of those paper cutting artists you have mentioned. Excitement is mounting!!! hmmm, that could have been a pun if I had included stamping! lol