Always room for stitch

It is absolutely beautiful here in Massachusetts today!!!  The studio slider is open and even with the sun not hitting this side of the house until the afternoon, the shade and breezes are still warm.  That's my kind of summer!!  I'm working away here on everything!  Is it possible to multi-task in the studio?  I think I actually do that.  I have 3 large tables that I bounce back and forth to with different things going on. (I'd share a picture but there is nothing nice about it right now LOL).

One table is set up for stamping, stenciling and screen printing, one for fabric projects away from flinging paint and sprays and the third table right now holds all of my paints for easy access.  I can hang wet things right in front of the slider or pop them outside for quick drying.  

One of the projects I'm pushing to finish is the green monoprint that I started on paper a few weeks ago.  I scanned this print and then printed it to fabric (Jacquard Ink-Jet Fabric Sheets in Cotton) then added an additional stamp to the top.  Today I free-motion quilted it and added dyed car wash paper towels (acts more like tear-away stabilizer but softer) in layers around the edges.  

Now I am using one of my favorite hand-dyed silk embroidery flosses to fill in some of the imagery.  Friends Fabric Art sells the most beautiful silk embroidery floss.  I can't remember how much it is off the top of my head but you can see all of their luscious threads at their web shop here

As I write this, Friends Fabric Art is producing more Thermofax screens for me.  A few are refills and a few are brand new.  Stay tuned later when I post them.  I want to thank everyone who commented on my new Quilting Arts Workshop DVD!  I am thrilled with how it came out and I will be posting a few PDFs under the "Tools and Resources" tab on my blog here for quick reference on brushes in Photoshop Elements 7.0-10.0.

Enjoy the weather and enjoy your freedom to create!!!  Check back for new screens later on.



Gill said…
Fabulous Margaret! I wish I had the space that you have! and sunshine too! here in the UK it's rained all day!
HollyM said…
I really , really love that piece!!! It is in my favorite colors, but it is the motifs and the layers too that draw me. It is fun to watch your evolution as you work.
I find I am developing my stye too as I work. Blogging keeps a nice pressure on to keep creating. It is fun!
Looking great, Margaret! Sounds like a perfect day for you... beautiful piece, and oh my... NEW stuff!!! You are fast becoming the "irresistable" artist to me - can't wait!!
elle said…
3 tables, ooh, I'm as green as your lovely new art piece. I'm off to check out that great thread!