Studio Sunday and Somerset Studio Gallery!

Good morning on this bright and sunny Sunday morning!!!  I have so much to share this morning, I don't know where to start!  I reached one of my 2012 goals by being published in one of Stampington's publications!!!  This is the Somerset Studio Gallery Summer 2012 issue.  The only other time I was published was in Art Doll Quarterly back in 2004.  Of course it helps if you are consistently submitting artwork for consideration LOL.

So here it is, the first of I hope many more opportunities to spread my artwork around!  YAY!!!!

Next on the list, as I continue developing my Creating Personal Imagery 101 workshop, I have to stop here and there to explore ideas that pop up that definitely play into creating personal imagery.  First thing out of bed this morning, I fly into the studio and draw a leaf.

Next step, scan it to the computer into Photoshop Elements, create a brush and lay the brush out to create a stencil pattern.  I found a source that will make stencils and I'm thinking about how my images related to a layout like a stencil  (thanks Terri!).  Stencils really are very versatile but I tend to shy away from them because you cannot capture the fine details as you would in a Thermofax screen.  Each tool has its own great qualities.

So after creating my layout, I inverted it, printed it to 3M transparencies using a draft print setting so I would not waste a lot of toner.

 Of course, for the same reason I don't regularly explore imagery on hand cut stamps, I tend to get impatient and cutting out all the little stencil holes is a slow process.  The hot tool I am using works really well with the 3M transparencies and it really does cut easily.  I'll need to make another pot of coffee to finish this off.  I did a few rows and used the Adirondack Color Wash sprays through it to see if there was enough pattern created by the design and I am fairly happy with it.  The stencil is not as messy as the spray ink print is but you get the idea.

So while I was at it, I decided to create a couple of free-form designs.  It's getting the blood flowing and inspiration is brewing!  Stay tuned!

The last thing I wanted to share was a workshop that I took yesterday afternoon at Ink About It in Westford, MA.  Fred Mullett was teaching a series of workshops there, "The Elegant Mess", and I signed up for one so I could get the flavor of his creations and techniques, "The Rest of the Mess".  Very funny man, Mr. Mullett, and a great artist!

It was a great class based on printing/monoprinting using a small foam block.  His binder filled with all his work was AMAZING.  He creates the most unusual images in a 2.5 x 3.75 inch format.  I highly recommend if you can catch a class by Fred, it will be totally worth your time.  

Back to work!  I can open up my slider and let the warmth and sunshine in today.  What could be better??!!  This coming week, my department at work heads to Newport, RI for a 3-day offsite meeting.  It will be good to see everyone from Asia and the UK who I work with.  It will make for a long week, though, and I'm not happy about being away from the studio :(  I will be able to write and plan though, which will be good.




HollyM said…
I love your stencil pattern! I have the heat tool too which is what I used to cut mine but I'm really going to have to get Photoshop someday. It saves a lot of time although of course there'd be a huge learning curve for me.
I've had to forego studio time this weekend. It is so nice out , I've had to do some gardening. We're going golfing shortly
Enjoy your week away!
elle said…
Margi, you are amazing. This is hust so very cool. I am revamping my priorities and playing is coming up higher on the lit. Thanks for the inspiration and all the pre-figuring you do. Congrats on being published. Your art needs to be out there. Happy Sunday!
Monica said…
Congratulations, dear Margaret, keep on creating and sharing! Dreams DO come true- I'm at Surtex, yay! ;)
I wish you all your dreams become reality soon.
And can you believe my hubby and I were talking about Newport RI yesterday, and how we miss going there (especially to Jamestown and the all beaches across the bridge... we're from Italy, it's such a looong way:)).
Hugs, and congrats again. Now I'm waiting for you to share your NEXT publication!LOL
Lovely! Another errand to run is to go and pick up this magazine! Ah... away from the studio... I sympathize! EnJOY though! I know you will!