Studio Sunday and Countdown to Colorado

When I look at my last post date being April, I freak!  I really, really try to be very consistent in my blog posts but all the preparation for my DVD taping in Colorado has taken each and every moment that I have available. Am I ready?  Not yet, but I will be!  All new, related artwork is finished accept for a couple of small details.  Today, I lay out all the tools, materials and step-outs to prepare for my final presentation practices and for packing.  After today, I only have Monday and Tuesday nights after work to get everything else together as I fly out Wednesday morning.

NEW BOOK - If you haven't already added Rebekah Meier's new book called "More Fabric Art Collage" to your wish list, you should definitely take a look at this one.  I received her book a week ago and I can't tell you how much inspiration I already have gained from it.  Her techniques and colors and textures are A++.  See it on Amazon here.

I decided to print my mini canvas screens to dyed batting and I'm loving the results.  You can still build out color on top of these but the added texture is soooo yummy!  I almost don't want to paint over the print because it looks ghostly and soft and the colors from the dye come through so subtlely that I just like looking at it this way. 

Dyed some batting and car wash paper towels and then screen printed on them and can't wait to play more with this technique when I get back from my trip.  Now it is time to get back to work!

At least we finally have some sun here in Massachusetts but I hear the rain is moving in again.  Maybe by June it will begin to look like summer!  As soon as I return, I will finish up my videos for Creating Personal Imagery 101 and finally get it up and running!  I can't wait as I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head and want to make this a super fantastic workshop!!!


Such lovely results you have with the dyed batting and your images. Safe travels and I know you'll be fabulous on camera.
HollyM said…
I do love the textures and colors in the dyed and printed batting!
I wish you the best taping!
elle said…
The samples look wonderful. You just go and ... 'break a leg'! Is that what you say for good luck when you go bfore an audience? You'll be fine as you luv what you do and you explain things well.