Studio Sunday and Colorado Here I Come!

Happy Easter everyone!  Yes, I realize I'm a little early but I know tomorrow will be hectic and I may not get to spend as much time as I hope to  tomorrow in the studio.  I'm sure everyone will be just as busy with family as I will be.  I think the Easter Bunny will make a stop here early tomorrow just to throw a little more chocolate into the mix (I never complain about more chocolate)!!!

It occurred to me this morning as I was doing a little warm up with collage.  In 2008, I went to ArtFest for the first and only time in search of workshops on collage and mixed media.  I came back feeling that I hadn't learned anything about collage and considered myself forever "collage-challenged."  Funny how time goes by and there I was this morning, creating a collage like I'd done it a thousand times, without stressing over the results.  Literally, out of the blue, I created a collage.  So I sat and contemplated this collage I just created trying to figure out why it came so easy to me this morning.  You know what I figured out?  I finally have a large box filled with scraps of me - the imagery that I created which I can relate to and it became totally clear.  I couldn't create collage the way I wanted to because I didn't have my own imagery.  Maybe that is obvious to some of you, but to me it came as a huge realization.  (Of course this is how it looks before I do anything more on it, and I plan to.  It doesn't really look like much, I know. LOL)

The lesson I learned today is that I can't create collage based on what I see everyone else doing (DUH!).  I can't relate to a lot of the images being used no matter how much I want to create something that looks similar.  The comfort level I've been looking for finally emerged because I was using images of my own.  Again, maybe I am too tired now and just rambling on, but I am so happy that I know what I need now in order to create collages.  It was a little "Ah Ha" moment.  Thanks for letting me share :)


Ok, so I mentioned Colorado in the title of this post.  As I continue to work on my Creating Personal Imagery 101 on-line workshop, I will also be intensely working on my own Workshop DVD that I will be going to Colorado to film for Interweave Press/Quilting Arts on May 9th!   Yikes!!!  As if I don't already have a load of work on my plate  already!  I'm going to be temporarily side-tracked to prepare for the DVD taping, but please be assured that while I am rehearsing for my "raving performance" (LOL), I am still working on my workshop.  (Once I calm myself down and stop hopping around like a Mexican jumping bean!)  The good news for those waiting for the workshop is that I will have to get up-to-speed on Photoshop Elements 10 as the taping will be using the most current version.  I'm sure it is hardly different from version 7 that I'm currently using, but at least I will be familiar with the new version as well so I can related to those of you with the new version.  I promise to fill you in with more details soon.

Have a wonderful Easter with your friends and family!  Now it's time for bed zzzzzzzzzz



The image of you hopping around like a Mexican jumping bean is too fun! Congrats!
Yvonne said…
How exciting for you! Happy Easter....hope you have a wonderful day!
HollyM said…
My gosh, things are really flowing along for you right now. Congratulations!
I understand about the collage thing too because I've tried a little and it is only satisfying to draw form my own bits of ephemera. I've been collecting some for a while.
We're having a very quiet day with a snowstorm today. I have no kids home so we aren't doing much.
Happy Easter!
elle said…
Happy, Hoppy, Easter! and BINGO. I had just about arrived at that conclusion myself. One needs to have ones 'stuff' all around to DO anything. How great for you. We are waiting breathlessly for you to take your bow while we all clap deliriously. The best to you!
Adrian said…
Oh how wonderful! Congratulations on your path to stardom and DVD making that will be available to so many artists who look to learn more about making stuff that they love. Have fun!!!
What took them so long to ask is what I'm wondering??!!! Fantastic news Margaret... can't wait to get one! Maybe it will help me jumpstart on my photoshop too... had for a year but don't get it!!! Congratulations!!!
I hope to have a chance to meet you in Loveland during taping! I will be there, taping a DVD for Interweave, also!