Saturday Studio Sneak Peek

Hello everyone!  Happy Weekend!  The skies are grey today but I'm working hard in the studio finishing up things for Colorado.  I wanted to share with you my current favorite process which is screen-printing to deli paper.  I LOVE this!  Remember a few posts back, I mentioned that I finally felt comfortable collaging with my own imagery?  Well deli paper is one of the best things to use!  My studio is covered with new artwork and lots of Thermofax screens from floor to table top and I've had fun using my printed deli paper to incorporate into fiber art.  Here are a few pics and a sneak peek of a piece I am trying to work into my artwork for the DVD.  I need to make all my ideas concrete by next weekend so I've got to keep going. Work, work, work!

As I opened my blog this morning, I also noticed the Quote of the Day in the upper left corner.  "Big results require big ambitions."  In reading this, I can't help but smile because I totally feel like the things I have done over the past year and a half are the results of my ambitions.  I keep reaching for the next thing I can do to challenge myself as an artist, foster new ideas, share more with others and be my definition of successful.  I think I need to create a BIG collage with this quote on it and hang it above my work table!

Playing with all this deli paper has given me a great idea for a blog CHALLENGE.  Stay tuned!!!


Adrian said…
Really like the Colorado you are using today. So where do you get your butcher paper? I never see it at the grocery store. Enjoy the softness of a cloudy day Margaret. It's good for dreaming while you are awake.
Hmmm, I may just have to pull that box of deli paper out and play with it one of these days. Have fun! I'm looking forward to more of this deli paper play from you.
HollyM said…
You have accomplished a lot in the past year! I love your collage work but especially the last piece with the black stitching. Was that done on fiber?
I mailed your parcel today.
angie said…
they are all beautiful, but i love #2 with the scribbly lines.
elle said…
I have been on the hunt for deli paper. The closest I think I've come is at a discount wholesale place that caters to small restaurants and it is a sandwich wrap I think. It is in the section my hubby buys the papers he puts between his home made sausage patties. The bigger sheets are what I'm trying to get him to buy so I can have them. Is that the stuff? You just go and get as far as you can as high as you can. We are rooting for you!!!