Saturday in the Studio and Giveaway Reminder

It is wonderfully sunny here today and we are expecting temperatures in the 70's.  I hope I can open my slider and let the fresh air and bird song into the studio.  I'm working on everything and just wanted to share some experimental imagery and journal backgrounds that I have been working on. 

Giveaway Reminder - be sure to post your favorite word and why you like it under the Giveaway post.  Tomorrow I will select my favorite 3 and will pull the winner from a hat (or bucket) LOL.  I love all the words that have been posted and it makes me smile as I think about these words and how you feel about them.  The lucky winner will receive my Creating Personal Imagery 101 workshop for FREE along with watercolor paper, Gelli Arts 6x6 print plate and variety of brushes!!!

Still using my tulips

Combo grunge screen with canvas image

backgrounds made with Derwent Inktense Blocks

and some acrylic paint

and a sample new mini canvas screen and collaged journal page

Check back tomorrow for the GIVEAWAY WINNER!!!  Have a fabulous weekend and make lots of art!!!



Gorgeous combos! I could looooookkk at them all day. Here's to more sunshine and 70 degrees! (which is wishful thinking today in MT)
My weather is wonderfully gorgeous today too! Love all the imagery. I haven't had the pleasurable fun of playing with the Inktense blocks...maybe some day!
HollyM said…
I love all your pages, but the last one is my favorite. It suits me.
I just got home and iMac be too tired to do much. I should have tomorrow.
I have the Inktense pencils and I love them. While away things week, I picked up some Twinkling H 20's to try along with watercolor.
Do you have a possible date for your class?
elle said…
Oh, I love that last image. I need to play with my pencils and make some backgrounds. The day started grey and cold but has warmed up wonderfully. The lambs are happy! I gotta check if the new flowers are in the shop.
Yvonne said…
Those are awesome and I, too, love the last one!