Free Giveaway Winner!!!

Wow!  The word challenge I gave you ended up being quite a challenge for me as well!  All 15 words were really great and I had to keep reading them over and over trying to differentiate which ones stood out to me more.  Well, I managed to get down to 6 words and then narrowing it down to 3 was the real work!

The word that REALLY stood out to me was CAPRICIOUS submitted by gatheredthreads.  Just saying this word out loud really makes you feel like you are armed with all kinds of energy and a risk-taking and impulsive attitude!!  Ahhh, we are more alike than you know!

The second word that stood out to me was INCANDESCENT submitted by Leslie McNeil.  Who doesn't strive for "glowing zeal" in their own work????  There is such a brightness and positive feeling around this word.  Of course, it totally makes sense to me that Leslie would love this word as all of her artwork is filled with incandescence!!!

The third word was a hard one to choose.  I kept tossing 2 words back and forth for this choice.  Eventually I went with LEARNING submitted by Angie.  What a simple word but OHHH so powerful!  Because of my desire to help others learn more to incorporate into their own art process, I had to go with this word.  Over the years, I have learned myself how to be more open to wanting to learn more, whether it was related to my job or my art.  So learning for me is not only acquiring new skills and knowledge and applying it, but also being open to the entire experience of learning itself.  We can't move forward with a closed mind and an open attitude to learning will get us everywhere!

So, into the glass jar these three words went!

And the WINNER is......


You are the winner of a free pass to my upcoming workshop,
Creating Personal Imagery 101!!!!
a pad of Strathmore Watercolor Paper, a Gelli Printing Plate (6x6) and a selection of brushes!!!!
Please e-mail me your address and I will get these out to you this week!!

Thank you EVERYONE for participating!  This was a lot of fun for me and stay tuned for the workshop launch date!  I will keep you updated as I get closer to it.  And thanks to everyone for your patience while I squeeze in this very important opportunity at Interweave!


elle said…
Yes! Let us always be learning! I agree, the words have been wonderful.
Learning! Congratulations Angie! Love it. So very true! Thanks Margaret, I love words, and this was very fun for me!
angie said…
I CAN"T BELIEVE THIS! I never win anything! You don't know how much this means to me! I've struggled with creating my own imagery for all my life and have not just started to get some confidence in myself. This is so, so amazing.

Thank you so much. I'm so ready to learn!