Studio Sunday

I feel like I am getting back on track here in the studio.  It's the perfect weekend to stay focused inside because of the overcast skies and scattered rain.  I warmed up yesterday with the Jane Davies' technique but quickly lost interest as my small detailed sections got lost in my thicker black lines, but I plan to revisit this technique again.  Here is my version LOL - looking a lot like Jane's.   I really do like the strong graphic look of it and I really do want to experiment more with black and white and limited color.

 From there, I moved on to playing with more color (by default).  I started with a piece of acrylic paper 12" x 12" and using Derwent Inktense Blocks, I added water and made lots of drips from different sides.  Eventually I added more white paint to blend some areas.  I started layering more color and Thermofax screen prints and stamping then I decided to cut up the piece into 4 equal sections.  This is a fun way to create a series that I learned from Mary-Beth Shaw when I took a class from her at ArtFest in 2008.  These are the pieces I created at ArtFest in her classs.  Mary-Beth is a fantastic teacher!!!

So I cut up my layout and started turning the pieces and developing them more and the 4 pieces look like this:

Then I added some stickers, and later removed them.

I'm thinking about transferring all 4 of the designs to fabric and building out each piece with stitch and embellishments.  They are great backgrounds to build on top of!

Lastly, a little note about paper towels.  Never dispose of paper towels because you can scan or photo these to use in Photoshop Elements (hint, hint).  

Have a fantastic Sunday and I hope you are able to make some time to be creative today!!



HollyM said…
I did watch Jane Davies and I love the graphic feel of it too. I like all of yours but particularly the second one pictured.
I'd sure love to get to one of those workshops!
elle said…
I like this concept of four by four and then arranging and rearranging. Transferring a design from paper to fabric would be totally exciting! Happy Sunday