Studio Sunday and Journal Pages

I have been really busy working on my on-line workshop and I am happy to say I am making great progress!  A few technical difficulties but I'm moving forward.  I was up until midnight last night and the last half hour in the studio I felt compelled to work a little in my journal.  Here are a few pages in process and finished.  I'm having a ton of fun with it and love going at it in a totally random fashion.

The butterflies are a new Thermofax screen I have made for journaling and scrapbooking but have not yet published.  Also the borders.

I fell in love with the soft tones of this flower bouquet in a magazine and had to use it.  (Oh, and a sneak peak of another new Thermofax screen for journaling and scrapbooking.)

This page has my Ornament Background-3 Thermofax screen applied between the butterflies.  That screen is one of my favorites!!

Well, the clocks move ahead and I have already lost a valuable hour.  Back to work!!  I hope you are having a wonderfully-creative weekend!!!!



elle said…
Yes, that is the sweetest thing! Can't linger I'm busy! LOL