Quote of the Day

Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
Blaise Pascal 

I love having the Quote of the Day on my blog because I look to read it just about every day.  Today's quote makes me think about all of your lovely comments on Saturday's post and how they lifted me up.  I am dedicated to my workshop project because of all of your interest and support and I can't tell you how much I appreciated your wonderful words and your positive energy to get me over my mental obstacles!  

It was absolutely beautiful here yesterday with temperatures in the high 70's in the sun.  I'd been needing that sun and promise of spring so I spent more time outside than in the studio. Many people in the neighborhood were out getting started on their spring clean-up so I took a little walk to see what this area actually looks like off my regular commuting route.  I chatted with a neighbor, explored the yard, check out the buds beginning to reveal themselves in a flower garden in our yard and just kind of got familiar with my whole new environment here.  

There was a lot to notice during the day when people were out and about and I wasn't driving in the dark to and from my job.  Of course, I shut myself in my studio every weekend anyway so I haven't seen much of my surroundings since we moved here in January.  Did I mention my studio has a sliding glass door that goes right out to a brick patio?  How lucky am I to be able to slip in and out of my studio into the beautiful sunshine waiting for me outside!  

I think a couple of outside chairs and a small table would be a great addition to my studio patio.  The perfect place to sit and hand stitch and enjoy an ice-cold lemonade while listening to the birds chatter.  I know the perfect place for a new feeder!  I'd better get a couple of bird houses quick to encourage nest building where I can observe it.  Today I heard the sweet sounds of the cardinals that I have been missing since it is still a little cool to open up all the windows.  Soon...

I wish everyone a wonderful week and I promise to be back on track for the weekend!  Thank you again for stopping by and hanging in there while I pull it all together!



elle said…
Wow, I can just see you slipping out for a sip of something. Yes, definitely a little seating area and and a few feathered friends. We are here when you are!
Way to give yourself a nice breather! Sounds... perfect! EnJOY the spring air and refreshing change of season!
Adrian said…
I'm so glad you are feeling better. Spring has sprung!
Yvonne said…
Glad you're feeling better....the weather sure has been gorgeous. :)
HollyM said…
Spring has arrived here although you wouldn't know if you saw it. Our temperatures are record setting warm but we still have several feet of snow.
The little patio off your studio sounds heavenly!