New Thermofax Screens for Art Journaling and Scrapbooking

Boy have I got some super funky new Thermofax screens in my shop!!!  I'm really, really excited about these new Grunge Border sets!  Not only are they cool to add to fiber art, but check them out in your art journals and scrapbooking layouts!  I've had lots of fun experimenting with them on paper and fabric and I think they are great way of adding a little swipe of interest to one edge or all edges of your projects.  Each set contains 3 grungy borders on one screen.  Mix them up... apply sections... or just plain have a fun time with them!  I'm sure you will find many ways to incorporate these designs into your projects.

 I will be announcing a new giveaway on April 1st so mark your calendars!!!

I hope you are having a great week filled with lots of creative ventures!  We are breaking temperature records here in the Northeast and we expect near 80 degrees tomorrow!  I know better than to pack away gloves just yet!



Cool ideas, Miss M! They are on my 'wish list!' (of course they are!)
Yvonne said…
Those are awesome!
elle said…
April 1st. No fooling! LOL But the borders are such a good idea. Thanks for sharing your creativity.