Turtles and Journal Pages

"Our creativity is only limited by time"

When I think about how much time I have had this week in the studio, it is so obvious how much more I could accomplish with large blocks of uninterrupted time to focus.  I feel like I could be a full-time studio artist at this point, but the "real world" job is very necessary still.  Someday......

Turtle Crossing???  When I moved out to the area I live in now, I started seeing these street signs for the first time!

Being an animal LOVER, I started immediately thinking about spring and the road being completely covered with baby turtles trying to cross!  I started freaking out thinking about how I could NEVER drive across the road taking the chance of flatening baby turtles across the road.  Well, I've now made this sign for the back of my car letting people know behind me that I BRAKE FOR TURTLES!!!!!!  

Yes, I will be the person who pulls over and physically crosses those turtles to the other side of the road so none perish at the mercy of my tires!  I can now sleep better at night! LOL

So when you are too tired to play on the computer on a Friday night, you make the best use of your time!  I played with sprays and Thermofax screens last night as I fought bedtime.  This is a great time to just play with paint, being messy, and experimenting!  FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

There are a few new little screens thrown into the mix on these pages, like my little butterfly strip at the bottom of the page above. 

Among everything else I am currently working on, I want to develop a series of Thermofax screens specifically for art journaling.    My ideas for projects keep coming fast and furious and I have to give each idea a little thought as they come.

Now back to my priority projects!!!  I will check back tomorrow for Studio Sunday!!!  Have a great weekend filled with family, friends, and ART!



HollyM said…
I would be doing the same thing for the turtles. We just have beware of moose signs, and you definitely don't want to hit them!
I know what you mean about fighting bedtime. I've been doing it for the last few nights. Usually I just sit and knit though. I love all your spreads! You are certainly getting a lot done for a working girl!
Love the little butterfly images! I'm so happy to know you are pro turtle. That sounds like a scary stretch of road.
And the turtle screen is being made as we speak, correct?!!! LOL EnJOY! Love it.
elle said…
That's one cute turtle! I think the journal pages are just darling.