Studio Sunday

We expected snow here in the northeast but most of us saw none.  It's really weird how little snow we have received this winter but it's been great for driving so I'm not complaining.  Looking out the window at the bare ground makes me think spring will be coming soon LOL.

I hope your weekend has been going great and you have been doing some fun and creative things.  My head is buried pretty deep in my computer this morning as I am working hard on my on-line workshop.  Last night I was doing some screen-printing on paper and fabric.  I'm really loving my new "Background Funk" screens.  I plan on developing more of these very soon.  Here are some shots from my journals and fabric.

For the heart page above, I cut a heart out of paper and screen-printed through the open heart area.  I think there is a lot of opportunity to explore these types of masks in screen-printing.

I'm thinking this page above might be the cover of one of my journals.  I took a stack of pages to Staples and had them GBC bound last weekend.  It's easier for me to work on pages separately than in a journal.  I can creatively bind them together later on when I am ready.

Like on my accordian-style journal that I made using my glue gun!  This one is almost finished and I will be submitting this with an article. (big grin)

I went back and intensified some of these pages that are mounted already within the journal.

This is a shot of two edges of the screen print coming together.  I like how it almost looks like it was meant to be that way without actually creating a "repeat" design.  I'm going to print white on colored backgrounds next.

Back to the computer to put my nose to the grindstone!  Have a great day and remainder of your weekend and Create, Create, Create!!!



Adrian said…
Looks like you are having a wonderful time, Margaret. Those screens really are pretty in their messy style. I'm in a mood for sewing and have been making long skirts lately. I love long skirts! I'm thinking about the screens I got from you as a wonderful way to embellish some of them with some hand embroidery around the flower motifs - it should be very nice, indeed
HollyM said…
What a nice idea to sue your screens on clothing for embellishing.
You are having a creative weekend. I love all your pages! I got a little sidetracked with the Playbook, but I'm ignoring it today since I've decided to return it.
I'm curious about what GBC bound means. Could it be coiled?
elle said…
Spring is indeed not too far away! luv white printing and idea of masks! !