Studio Sunday, Custom Screen Design and Giveaway!

Waking up this morning, I knew exactly how I wanted to develop Holly's ice-dyed fabric.  I love it when ideas form first thing in the morning.  I see that happening a lot.  It's like as soon as your brain starts powering up, overnight subconscious thought processing starts revealing itself.  If I lie in bed and let those messages start coming, they are beautifully clear.  Now I have to write my ideas down before they totally get lost in the daily shuffle. 

I spent some time yesterday posting information on my new design services.  You asked for it and I am providing it.  I have created a couple of options for Custom Thermofax Screens.  You can send me your images and I will touch them up for you at no additional cost to prepare them for the final screen. 

The other option is you can send me your images and with a small design charge ($8.00 intro price) built into the overall price (based on size).  I will combine your images and create a screen design for you.  The design service at this price is light so if you know what you would like to create but you just don't have the time or knowledge to create it, send me your images, ideas, and inspiration as to what you are looking for and I will work it out with you to create a pleasing design for you.  (All custom prices include shipping.)

Stay tuned as more design services will be added!

All images provided to me are considered your artwork and Margaret Applin Designs will not replicate or use your designs without permission.

To celebrate my custom designed Thermofax screen service,
here is a new FREE GIVEAWAY!!!

Leave a comment on this posting if you are interested in a FREE Large (8 x 10 inch) custom Thermofax screen that includes the $8.00 intro light design services and shipping!
So, if you have an idea for a screen you are excited to explore, get your images ready and on MARCH 1st I will select a winner from the postings using a Random Number Generator!

 To order these new custom screens, go to my website Margaret Applin Designs and order them from the Custom Design page or click on the image on the right side of my blog.  If you have questions, feel free to e-mail me before ordering anything.

In the studio today, I am working really hard on my first on-line workshop, Creating Personal Imagery 101.  Yay!!!!  Of course no studio day feels complete without a little "hands on" play!  Above and below are screen-printed art journal pages in the making.  I've got more ideas brewing and these are somewhat experimental ones - very important to work through the process LOL.

Have a great weekend and President's Day if you have it off (not me).  Stay creative and definitely "sleep on it"!!!



HollyM said…
I can't wait to see what you do with the fabric. I'm the same way; even if something comes to me as I'm awakening, i may forget it. I keep a little book in my bedside table.
I love you journal pages. You might have to develop a course for that sometime too!
I'd love to win the custom screen too. I like the doodled ones that you altered digitally.
Quilt or Dye said…
Good luck on your venture! It sounds like a winner!
Gill said…
Hi Margaret
I love your two new designs - and I can't wait to see what you do with Holly's fabric. After your post about Holly I followed the link and read several posts of her blog - another talented lady!
Thank you!
Adrian said…
Congratulations on another big step forward, Margaret. I know you will provide good service and advice coming from lots of experience. Your journal pages are really beautiful. Serene in feeling. Very nice, indeed.
Good luck! I will be with you on your journey.
elle said…
oy! This is not helping my budget plans at all. Well, winning would help! lol This is going to be such a great service. You do such lovely work. VBSigh
roadie said…
This is exciting! I want to try thermofaxing and like to sketch. What a great opportunity you are offering to start some lucky person on their way. Hope I am selected!
ruthanne said…
Love you two designs. I will keep watching.
Carolyn said…
I really love the tulip design! I'd love to learn to create the kind of things you do! Sometimes I think there's a free form artist hidden way down inside me, but I just can't seem to connect with her. Sigh.

Keep making beautiful images for us to enjoy! Thank you for taking the time to share!
KittyKwilter said…
Your combos are really great. Thanks for the opportunity.
Yvonne said…
Love your work! Awesome giveaway. :)