Studio Sunday and Collaboration WIP

Welcome to Sunday once again.  The intense winds from yesterday have blown east and it is bright, sunny and cold here in Massachusetts.  I look at the pictures that Holly McLean posted on her blog and can't believe we are not also covered in layers of snow.  I have missed the picture perfect views of fresh layers of snow here this year, but winter isn't gone yet!

Yesterday afternoon, I finally got to work on my collaboration fabric that Holly McLean sent me.  You can see the whole piece of fabric on this post.  One of the ideas that I had for Holly's beautiful ice-dyed fabric was related to winter and wings.  I put my pencil to paper yesterday (not without a ton of erasing) and drew out a beautiful wing that I'm really happy with (do I see a Thermofax screen?) and used an enlarged section of that image for my art quilt.   Just by chance, I found a beautiful piece of fabric with similar hues which I used as the background fabric then layered sections of Holly's fabric over it. 

To highlight the wings, I have brushed white paint over the feathers.  Here it is beside the hand-drawn image.  My ideas are continuing to develop as I now hang this piece above my work table.  I had wanted to draw out some wings and Holly's fabric definitely inspired me to get to it!

Last night I stayed up until almost midnight playing on my journal pages.  Some are done and some still need more.  Again, it's a great time for me to just play at the end of the day.  I feel looser and more open to just see what happens.

Back to my workshop for some serious work.  Before I know it, dinner will be approaching fast and I will need to make a grocery store run before that.  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!



It's hard not to always say WOW and I feel like a robot... but it's fabulously... fabulous! Each and every one. I second the mtn on the wings screen! I'm clapping my hands "yay!"
elle said…
Margi! You have got some fantastic stuff happening here. I just want to touch those feathers! Do you 'tip in' the journal pages?
HollyM said…
Somehow I missed this post even though I was waiting for it. Somehow I missed it in my blogroll.
I love what you're doing with the wing. I would never think of cutting the fabric up but I think it's great.
The journal page with the birds is my favorite if I had to choose.