Somerset Studio Gallery June 2012

Yay!!  Yahoo!!!  Wooohooo!  Yes, I'm doing a happy dance today as I was notified yesterday that some of my mini-canvas screen-printed collages would appear in the June 2012 issue of Somerset Studio Gallery!!!!!  I am totally excited about this as I hope it will be the beginning of more accepted submissions in the future.  This is one of my 2012 goals - to be published in at least one of the many magazines that Stampington publishes.

So today I will be finishing the write-up to get that going and will be back to my big To Do list that is getting longer every day!  This is good, though, because nothing makes me happier than taking one more step forward in my long-term goal to live a life filled with art, creativity, teaching, and sharing with others who want the same things from their own lives.

See you tomorrow in the Studio!!!



happy dancing along with you! Yay!
HollyM said…
that is wonderful! i'm writing this on a new tablet. capitals are pain. i'll have to look for the magazine.
elle said…
Absolutely! Great magazines. Great goals. ooh, Holly has a tablet! It is on my list but not quite at the top. My goal is to get this screen printing down and then....
How beautiful! Congratulations! Where would we be without lists?!!!
Sandra said…
Fantastic! Now I have something to place on my TO DO LIST... buy the June issue of the magazine. LOL
jackie said…
Well done. I like you manipulation of paper cuts. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Monica said…
Woo hoo! That's fantastic, Margaret!
I hope to be able to see your feature.
As for Surtex, I'll be glad to share what I can after the show. I hope your dream comes true and maybe we'll meet in NYC at J Javits Center sometime in the future! :)