Welcome to my new studio!

I'm back, in body but not quite in mind.  A week after the move and the boxes are mostly gone, things are mostly in a place, and the worktable is up and open and ready for lots of creative production.  As I look around me, I wonder how I had most of this squished into a room that was maybe 12 x 12 feet.  So who wouldn't feel like their creativity could explode in all directions as the environment and space exploded to accommodate all that room for new ideas?  I have learned more about myself every day through this transition.  Some of those things include:
  • the size of your space doesn't necessarily change the amount of creative ideas that flow
  • my studio is, and always will be, an organized mess
  • large periods of separation from my artistic self are detrimental to my creativity
  • all I really need in life is a bed and my studio
  • an abundance of light is key to my artistic development
  • space heaters, fingerless gloves and clogs are absolutely necessary studio tools
  • I feel like I have taken many steps backwards as an artist and I am totally unconnected from my path
I try to stay as positive as possible when I am sharing and posting on my blog and because of this, I have not been able to post this past week.  I feel like I am sitting in a cloud of negativity and wherever I go, it follows.  I know that once I feel re-connected to my art and my soul blooms again, that negativity will dissipate. For now, I have to slowly weave the threads of that connection back together.

Enough with the philosophy!  Let me tell you about my lost clogs LOL  A few months ago, I purchased my first pair of Dansko clogs from the Walking Store.  The became a part of my body because they were so dam comfortable, I wore them to work and everywhere else (I have always worn heels and nylons to work )!  Well, I packed everything for the move and I remember packing them, as well as my socks, and wouldn't you know I can't find my clogs or socks anywhere!  So finally, after wearing nylons and heels again at work for a few days, I gave up and dropped another $125 on a new pair and had to buy new socks too!  My first pair were flat black so I purchased a different style this time, in case the other plain ones show up eventually.  These have a cool embossed texture all over which you can see here.  My lower back pain has significantly minimized since I have been wearing them so I swear by their support!

 In desperately looking for my clogs, I came across a couple of boxes with art dolls in them.  Some I made and some I purchased and I hope to pull them all out and display them at some point.  This one I wanted to show you because I thought how fabulous this design and marketing idea was.  Tricia of Art Propensity had been making these art dolls a number of years ago.  She had some amazing dolls in Art Doll Quarterly at one point.  These dolls she had designed as a set of jewelry.  The head is a pin that is sitting on a wire neck, the bracelet is around the doll's waist and the earings hang from the doll's hands.  The base is a box that opens for other jewelry storage.  How creative is that??!!??  So I have this doll sitting just behind my computer to inspire me.  This next pic is of my new fingerless gloves that I have on in my studio and probably will until June when it finally warms up down here.  The store these came from is called Little Missmatched and it is adorable!  Tons of mis-matched socks and things for kids (or petite adults) LOL!

Here are shots of the studio with most stuff put away.  I pinned up a lot of pieces to my design boards to see if I could put myself back on track and I'm looking at it often hoping that something grabs my attention.

I pulled out the watercolors last night for a while.

The tunes are cranking as music is such a necessity to me.

I had been collecting jars and at some point plan on putting beads, buttons and ribbons in them for a functional display.

My space heater is going on high, my gloves and clogs are on and I'm ready.  Unfortunately today will be a little crazy and I won't have much studio time until tomorrow.  Promise to post!!!


I'm glad you have gotten through the move, now if you could just get into the studio for some therapy. Hopefully soon. Love those clogs! I hope you find your lost pair.
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Adrian said…
Wonderful space for your new studio! Looks like it will be great once you get used to the new vibe. Moving shakes everything up side down, so be kind to yourself and go with the flow, as "they" say. I'm sure your mojo will kick in, but sometimes a little time off to let your inner self speak in the quiet space of "doing nothing" is really needed. Just relax and do a dedication ceremony to make your art space newly sacred just for you.
elle said…
Ah, your studio looks to have amazing possibilities. Luv the clogs! life happens. Just ask me! lol