Studio Time

Well, yesterday went well and I made some progress on ideas.  I'm still working on my birds but I did screen print and begin a should bag that isn't quite finished.  The background started as green and white and then I layered background designs and my flower and botanical screens on top.  It's ok, not great, but we'll see where today takes us!

Here is a shot of the botanical layering:

I plan on trying this out on paper and painting around all of the flower images kind of in the style of Flora Bowley.  I like how what is left is just the flower images themselves and the layers of texture within them. 
This new tile Thermofax screen is fabulous!  You can line up the prints and create a beautiful overall pattern.  

I left this design highly detailed and you can see the really thin lines in the print.  It's one of my favorite designs.

And lastly, I had added some French knots to the centers of the flowers here.  I painted the flowers with a layer of Lumiere Pink Halo Gold (my most favorite color) and you can see the sheen in the picture.  I want to finish this collage off but I am still developing my ideas on this one.

Have a creative day and I will check back later!


Oh gosh - I think I'm merging into a groupie status here on your blog, Margaret. They are so creatively beautiful. Love the white on pink with the tile screen.
HollyM said…
Your designs are getting better and better! I like the layering.
elle said…
yup, I'm a groupie, too. I luv your layering and colourways. So much to do, so little time!