Studio Sunday

YEAH!!!  Studio Sunday!!!  Lots of time to play....Lots of ideas....and heat and sunlight LOL
In follow-up to yesterday's post, I printed a section of my design out on fabric and incorporated it into a journal art quilt.  It is not yet complete, but here is the WIP. 

So you can see just how easy it was to go from a paper cut to an interesting piece of fiber art. The manipulations are not advanced. This was done with Photoshop Elements 7, a scanner and a printer.I plan on adding some light stamping on the green section and some hand stitching and beading.  Right now I am going around whipstitching the edges with embroidery floss.  (I really need to get my serger threaded LOL).  

I am happy to say that I am currently working on my first on-line workshop!!!

Creating Personal Imagery

 I expect it to be launched sometime in March.  Stay tuned for all the details.

I was thinking this morning that it would be good if I provided a little more of my process around creating personal imagery using paper cut stencils.  Below are two examples of two paper cuts and different looks created using simple manipulations in Photoshop Elements. 

As you can see, depending how you layer, crop, resize your image, you can create a whole variety of images using just one.  The best thing about this process is knowing that each paper cut stencil is completely different from the others.  You couldn't possibly replicate one exactly by randomly cutting.  And, it is exciting to see what that final open image looks like!

Below is my most recent journal page using paper cut hearts and my Thermofax screens.  I've got another idea for using Thermofax screens for art journalling.  Stay tuned......

I hope your day is filled with lots of creative activities!

Margaret Applin-Happ


Love this journal art quilt. Fabulous colors!!! I'm so looking forward to your classes!!!
HollyM said…
I like what you did with the paper cut piece, the free motion flowers and the rectangular piece to the left.
I also love the screen design that you used on the heart piece.
elle said…
What a very cool journal quilt. These paper cuts are very intriguing. Yes, please. Bring on the classes!