Studio Sunday

I am here!  And I am getting warmed up!  It feels good this morning, slowly delving into art play.  The sun is shining through the slider, my spaceheater is helping warm things up and color and pattern once again are inspiring me.  I'm just playing on paper right now creating a few journal pages.  Using my Thermofax screens, I am layering the patterns along with paint to see what I can come up with. 

They are not finished yet, but it has been a good use of time getting acclimated to my new studio space and placement of all my tools and supplies.  As I reach for things, I realize how the flow of the room set up is working or not working and I can re-position storage to work better for me.

Yesterday, I went in search of a large drapery rod for the slider in the studio and found it and this great little book as well!  You know I'm always looking for ways to create personal imagery and this book on how to cut some simple paper stencils is a great resource!  The cutting patterns are shown and ways of folding the paper.  I think this might be a great RE-starting place for me to come up with some more designs that I can manipulate digitally.  Check it out!!!  The Art of Decorative Paper Stencils by Kanako Yaguchi.

Well look at that!  She has a second book as well.  The Art of Decorative Paper Stencils 2.  Really, take a look at the Amazon links to see inside both books.  Below is an easy stencil I just cut and sprayed with Adirondack Color Wash spray.  I see LOTS of potential with these!!!

I hope everyone is spending some part of today being creative!  Thanks for standing by while I get back on track!


Oh yay! Some creative stuff from you. Hope you are having fun. Love the text you added around that middle piece. Is that one of your screens? And the cut up paper stencil makes a wonderful mask design. Must. Try. That!
HollyM said…
I love the layered look on all the pages.
I'll check the books out too. They look interesting. It's nice when you find a book you haven't looked at in a while and it sets you off in a new directions.
Glad you're back 'on track' Margaret! Love love the new paper stencils, and the lovely paper stuff you've done. Enjoy, enjoy, enJOY.
elle said…
The links are a must check. Thanks. You are looking good!