Gaining Ground

Well, it was and still is quite a move!  Honestly, I don't know how I managed to pack up my world and clearly I'm still having problems unpacking it.  I've worked myself to death and now I'm sick.  My body has been screaming at me to slow down and I didn't listen.  I plan to be in my studio creating by next weekend so stay tuned.  I need to go lay down and rest and hopefully brainstorm over a few ideas.  Here are a few pics of my new studio space at the moment.  Ughhhh


I thought perhaps your silent blog meant you were in the midst of moving. I hope it is going well. I'm sorry to hear you aren't feel well....get better soon.
You've made great progress! So sorry to hear it's taking it's toll on you physically. Stop, rest! I bet you'll find renewed strength, and refreshment, as well as inspiration. Gaining ground is great, but not so much if you take two steps backwards each time you go forward! Blessing and prayer for healing strength!