Fast, Slow and all Speeds In Between and New Studio

Here we are, sinking deeper in to January.  As I sit here with my second cup of coffee, in my studio, I'm thinking about events this past week that have altered or re-directed my life as I know it.  The thing that stands out the most for me right now is the pace of my life.  It's funny how the times you want to move faster, move too slow and the times you want to slow, speed up.  Kind of like Fridays at work where you just want to get through the day so your weekend will begin, or when a plan of action requires immediate response and there isn't enough time to slow down and think it all through. 

Luckily, I am a child of change.  I love it.  I think that is why I am constantly bouncing from one thing to another in my art - changing things up, mixing and experimenting until I come up with something new and then begin changing everything all over again.  This can be both good and bad as new ideas appear through this process, but sometimes I don't give those new ideas time to develop before jumping on to the next.

This week I needed some serious downtime and I took the opportunity to take an on-line class called Doodle Art With Me by Cathy Bluteau offered at Creative Workshops.  I love her doodle art work that I first discovered in one of the issues of Art Journalling.  Check out her blog (linked to her name here) so you can check out her work.  It's totally fun and freeing and colorful!  It just plain makes me happy!

Here is my first WIP from last night.  I still need to add dimension to this, and shadows and highlights.  Don't be surprised if I start another instead. LOL  Cathy uses Copic markers and I don't have any so I used my watercolors. 

This week will move at a very fast pace as I will be moving somewhat unexpectedly.  My husband, his son and I will move to a house a few towns away from where we currently are.  At the end of next weekend, I expect I will be situated in my NEW STUDIO with lots of new space to fill with working surfaces and blank walls to adorn and a lot more breathing space!!!  I can't wait to get there, re-group, and slow down.  In the meantime, there is so much that has to change including my e-mail address and mailing address on absolutely everything!!!!  If you need to get in touch with me for any reason, use my Gmail account address: I will also post it on the top of my blog as well.

So needless to say, you might not hear from me for a week until I get everything set up.  I will be back tomorrow for Studio Sunday so see you then!


Your doodles look like fun. I wasn't familiar with this artist. Congrats on the new house and NEW STUDIO space. I hope you will share photos of it when you get it all situated.
elle said…
Margi! How cool. I am a CHANGER, big time. So I totally hear you. These are indeed happy. I'll be checking the link. Happy moving day. Gee, it makes me want to rearrange my 'studio'! LOL Change e-mails, etc. well, not so much. But they do say that change is as good as a rest. Happy resting?