Work in Process and Lesley Riley

Here I am on Saturday back in my studio!!!  I can't wait to get going on my ideas today.  I've got my big cup of coffee and I'm raring to go!  Now if only I could find my worktable (I know it's under all these piles somewhere LOL).  I printed my Tulip Trio in white onto tea-dyed muslin and painted the flowers with watercolors and then sealed with matte medium.  Then, I screen-printed on top of my little canvases with one of my screens that has imagery from post cards on it.  These are the results and I envision a set of really cute fiber art pieces developing.

For the past 10 weeks, I have been taking Lesley Riley's ASAP program (Artist Success Action Plan) and I wanted to inform you about it.  The program is great for anyone who really truly sees themselves as a successful artist.  Each week, there is a scheduled call by Lesley who delivers fantastic content and additional tools and resources to help you get organized.  The later sessions focus on self-promotion, self-packaging and social media. 

I highly recommend the ASAP program and I feel that there is no one better to teach and share their first-hand experiences and insight than Lesley who has proven herself as a successful artist, teacher, coach and mentor.  Go here to the overview of her program for more information.

See you tomorrow!


I think these three pieces look wonderful. I really like the colors you have used in them.
HollyM said…
These are lovely. I like the way the edges of the screen printed tulips are uneven. It helps to blend it into the background especially with the over printed postcard details.
elle said…
I luv everything about these. How cool to have a mentor and all those resources.
Adrian said…
Margaret, the colors are vibrand and perfect! I really like what you did with the post card screens. And that's a good tip about using matt medium to seal the watercolors.
I drink tea three times a day and never understood how much tea can stain cloth until I wiped up a spill. It didn't even bleach out in a full wash cycle!
Time to get dying on purpose, I s'pose.
Did I see you write that you have Post Card Screens? (hint, hint)