Studio Sunday

Welcome to Sunday!  In Massachusetts, it is clear skies, sunny and more seasonably cool today.  I had a really fulfilling day yesterday creating fabric collages and screen printing.  I finished up what I actually started on Friday night which was taking my 3 Tulip Trio mini canvas screen prints and finishing them into fabric collages for hanging.  Here is one showing how I had left them last week:

And this is what they look like now!

I had backed them with a linen blend fabric I had in my stash of dress fabrics and the two-colored weave was great as the blue and green looks great with the reds and oranges.  These three are actually glued to a piece of cardboard to keep them flat and I attached white ribbons for them to hang from.  Plenty of buttons and a little hand stitching to add details.

This beautiful piece, an ink-jet transfer from paper onto painted cloth, had been laying around in the studio and I began screen printing around the edges and onto a light blue cotton fabric behind it to start building out the initial piece.  Well, the paper transfer wasn't the best and I eventually painted over it and started again.

And now it looks completely different as I added a new Thermofax screen image of mine with completely different colors.  I may add this piece to a larger size painted canvas and attach it there.  Not so sure at the moment.

Every time I begin a collage, I first go to my "dream" box, pull out one of my many fortune cookie fortunes and see if it inspires me.  (Yes, I do like Chinese food) LOL.  This was a little wood shaker box that I painted and collaged and then drilled holes in so I could pull through the dyed organza ribbon.  It's such a cute little thing.

Inside you can see all the fortunes.  Also inside is a little bag of these punched paper flowers that were painted and embossed using a stamp and silver embossing powder.  I pulled these out to think about using on my light blue collage, but didn't end up using them since a different design took over.  So they will return to the box for another time.

Finally, here is a paper collage with one of my Thermofax screens of Queen Anne's Lace and my dots screen as well as another screen that I made from a doodled diamonds.  A little fabric was added to the bottom I would like to try to replicate this on fabric directly, but that will be for another day.

I hope you are having a super creative weekend and you are getting all of your holiday preparations ready.  Check back later for any updates!


Love your finished results with the screen prints from last weekend. Well really, I love everything you've done here. Such pretty colors!
HollyM said…
They are all pretty, but I have to admit that Queen Anne's Lace is one of my favorite flowers.
Lynda said…
Love these and I, too, like the Queen Anne's Lace. I'm inspired! Need to get off the computer.
ajay said…
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