Studio Sunday

Welcome to Sunday, yet again!  If anyone has seen that movie "Groundhog Day", you can relate to how I am feeling right about now.  Wasn't I just here posting Studio Sunday?  It seems the weeks fly by!  Of course, Monday doesn't feel like that at all! LOL

Yesterday, I spent the day screenprinting to paper.  Today, I will be screenprinting to fabric.  I am totally excited about these new screens as the designs were taken from one little doodle that I had drawn a ways back.  This is actually a continuation of the design I posted here and I continued to develop it in Photoshop Elements.  The screens came out fabulous as the smallest lines were picked up in the designs I left them in.  That detail you cannot get from a stencil or a hand-carved stamp and that's the beauty of Thermofax screens.

First, here is the doodle that started it all!

Here are the designs so far from it:

This last design was created using a photo of flowers and then layered with a few brushes I had already created in PE.  The details all around the edges have to be seen up close like the text lying underneath the flowers along the bottom. 

I hope you all have a super creative day and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


I really really REALLY need to play around more with Photoshop. I am continually amazed at what you do with this tool. I love that yellow flower image!
HollyM said…
Wow, these are fantastic! They wull be really pretty layered onto fabric
Adrian said…
Yowser! These are great! Thanks for sharing your ideas, once again.
elle said…
I really like the doodle. You have definitely caused me to come up higher. A quick trip through the book store and I grabbed Digital Expressions by Susan Tuttle. Now I need a sale so I can get Photoshop. Thank you for your encouragement and inspirations.