In Between Years

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  I've been round-trip from Boston to Pittsburgh (1,200 miles) to be with my husband's family at Christmas this year and NO SNOW!  I'm grateful that we had the good weather for the drive, but it sure isn't the same as a fresh layer of white snow to really get the full effect of the season!  That's ok, I'm sure we will be complaining about too much sometime soon.

So here is what has been going through my mind as we begin our transformation from 2011 to 2012...texture, color, and layers!  Lots of layers!  I've been experimenting with the new screens I made a couple of weeks ago layering them and adding stitch.  Here's a quick glimpse..........

Check back this weekend for Studio Sunday!


Wow! Those are some beauties!! Love the layers, scroll pattern very cool.
elle said…
I luv reading your mind, Margi! I'm trying to sort through an impossible 'want to do' list for 2012 but I definitely know that it'll include layering. The layering and patterning is lovely in your work.
HollyM said…
Wow, these I love. The layers are really beautiful.