Digital Art Journal Covers

I hope everyone is getting through their week with a positive and creative attitude!  At the very end of my weekend, I started working diligently on a couple of accordian style journals that I wanted to share with you.  The shots are of the covers only and I will share more as I become inspired to fill them with content.  I thought you might enjoy the imagery.  These are two flower photos that I have taken and manipulated in Photoshop Elements 7.0.  I transferred them to white cotton using TAP (which also tends to be water-resistent.)  They have been hanging on my design wall for a while because I kept on thinking I would make them into beautiful pillows.

Well, I think I am loving their look on the covers of these journals! So glad I didn't get out the pillow forms LOL!  I am also really liking the accordian style because you can try out different ways of joining the pages together and my glue gun is a lot easier to handle than waxed linen thread and a big needle.

Oh, did I mention how much faster they are to make with a glue gun?????

I'm going to be making a lot more so stay tuned!


Glue gun huh??? Hmmmmmmm. These both are lovely and the images are beautiful with your PE manipulations.
elle said…
I am tuned in and anticipating my time expanding just like your journals and hopefully having lots of blank space! 8)
Lynda said…
Beautiful covers. I need to ask too.. glue gun??