Studio Sunday Clean-up!

The piles on my studio floor and worktables were overcoming me.  I had a work surface approximately 15" squared that was not covered with fabric and paints and papers.  I needed to get unburied from this physical place and refresh my brain at the same time.  I needed to wipe the canvas clean so I could start again.  It was so nice out today here in Massachusetts that I should have taken a long walk to clear my head but the messes I've made needed to be picked up in order for me to clear a path for new ideas to be explored.  We all have those days.

So I have no new pictures to share of things I have been working on here this weekend. As we get closer to the holidays, I know there will be even less time to play in my studio, but once I get a spark of an idea, I will be off and running with it regardless of the time available to bring it to life.  I'm feeling the need to go back and revisit my artwork from one of my articles this year.  As fast and furious as ideas have come to me this year, I feel like I need to go back and take a new look with new eyes at techniques I was using in my fiber art.  I think there is potential to push these techniques further than I took them so I feel obligated to go back and take another look. So this is my current path.

I'm getting really excited about the Giveaway deadline approaching!  It doesn't seem possible that Thanksgiving is this week and then November 30th is just a week away!  If you haven't left a comment on the Giveaway post, make sure to post before midnight on November 29th to be included!