Studio Sunday - 2012 Newsletter - Ornament Screens

Good morning!  Today as I awaken and move into my studio (natural progression to my day) I wanted to point out how much I love this beginning to my day...

closing my eyes while sipping my fresh cup of coffee
looking at yesterday's remnants with fresh eyes
inspiration all around me
ideas slowly awakening
contemplating the tools and materials I will play with today

Tomorrow ends my 4-day extended weekend in the studio (sniff sniff) but I feel good about what I have gotten done, what I have explored and developed, and clarity of my goals to push forward in developing my creative life.  IN THE STUDIO, I wanted to show you one thing I put together.  I used old dictionary and poetry book pages to layer across a large piece of paper for the purpose of using this as a texture tool in Photoshop Elements.  It may seem like a silly experiment but this one image will be used over and over again in my artwork so the mileage from it could be significant.  The first thing I did was print a section of the image to silk fabric through my printer so that I could use this texture as a background or pieces for a collage on fabric.
 Just looking at this one piece of fabric, I can already imagine quite a few ways to apply it - fusible applique on a quilt, cut up as collage pieces for a fiber art piece, the base for some funky fabric beads, maybe even dimensional projects such as the base fabric for little stuffed birds to make into tree ornaments for the holidays!  I'm really liking that stuffed bird ornaments idea :)  hmmmmm

Additionally, I had been thinking a lot about ornamentation.  You have probably seen those Dover books at the book store that are filled with ornamentation from old architecture and stonework (not to mention the million other images they provide).  Because I am always focused on developing my own personal imagery, I decided to try to create some of my own ornaments to use in my artwork.  I'm really liking how this came out!  I had taken a doodle of a scrolly vine I had made, cut a section of it and then layered that section three more times in order to build out this design in four parts.  I flipped the layers horizontally and vertically until I had four pieces that I could merge together to create my ornament. 

I love the way this came out and I have also broken this image into sections that I can use separately. 

I will be making Thermofax screens out of this image to play with hopefully this week!  In order to maximize this design, I'm thinking of creating two sizes - one for quilting/home dec and a smaller version for art journals.  If anyone is interested in a specific size (whole design or sections) leave a comment here and I will order some up right away.

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Love how you created the text bacground, it definitely adds a unique texture to your fabric. And love that scroll work! I am betting that will look fabulous layered with your other design work.
The scrolls are a great design, and the textures you talk about make me drool! Excited about your newsletter, too... but oh my gosh, the ideas you present are amazing.
HollyM said…
I love old book pages too! It will be fun to watch where you go with the page.
It is also very interesting to see what you can do with your drawings and the Photoshop program. It' a lovely design.
elle said…
I'm signed up and luving what I see!
Jack Nguyen said…
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