NEW Thermofax Screens for Sale

I'm one of the lucky ones who now has power, heat, cable, internet and light (I missed that the most) in my area.  Later in the evening, I am usually tossing things around in my studio, brainstorming or creating art.  Since the days are shorter now, the thing I missed the most about the power being out was my lack of light from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm.  I felt cheated that I could not read or draw or review a book or magazine for a large chunk of time each night after the sun had gone down.  I really feel badly for those who still do not have their power back on yet as it is truly an unwelcome challenge.

Saturday I will be adding a bunch of NEW Thermofax screen designs in my Etsy shop so stop by to check them out!  (Do I sense a new GIVEAWAY coming????) 

Here is a little sneak peek!

Have you made something using one of my screen designs??? 
Do you have a picture you would like to share????  I would love to post some project pictures to share with all the viewers here on the blog.  It could be a quilting project or mixed-media project or anything!  Send me a link or a photo that I can share here. 


Sue Chesley said…
Hi Margaret! I know this is an older post, but I must inquire of your dandelion thermofax design - is it still available? I L*O*V*E it and would love to be able to buy one. I know this is a bad week for you too…or rather - a very good week with Surtex coming up just around the corner, just a bad time for me to be asking about this. I am happy to wait until after your show!
I have some of your stecicls - I'm a member of StencilGirl, but I am so curious about the thermofax way. the detail seems to be so perfect! I just know I have to investigate a little. I have a couple of screens on order from some other artist on etsy, but what I really wanted was your dandelion! lol…Thanks for everything, Margaret - and keep on growing artistically!