Creating Journal Pages with Thermofax Screens

I've been using my screens on paper to create some journal pages or just art on paper.  I have a number of screens to use that I don't have up for sale including a few other experimental mini canvas screens.  Just as I have done in screenprinting on fabric, I have brought watercolor paints into the mix and used them to paint the images.  This is a great way to practice before taking the screen prints to fabric to get a good idea of how your final fabric image might work in your project. 

Also, you can tell that I am not a watercolorist!  LOL  I'm probably not even using the correct brushes but it is really fun and meditative and I highly recommend it.  On the Tulip Trio print above, I also used the Stabilo black pencils that blend with water to outline the images by drawing it into the channel separating the petal pieces. 

I think the one below is blending too much with the background.  I will probably go back in with yellow or something else.  The other thing that I really like about these images is the size.  The small 4" x 3.5" blocks are perfect for so many things.  The experimental ones that I have are twice the size of the small blocks and even those are a great size.  If you go too large and you are using paint, it would be too much paint on your fabric. 

I'm thinking extra hard to create a couple of cute holiday fiber art gift ideas for you to use your screens on.  Check back to see what I come up with (nothing like putting the pressure on myself LOL).


These are all very lovely.
Adrian said…
Margaret, these are lovely! And, you know, putting these screen images on batik fabrics that are already dyed in a similar fashion would be a good way to get the same effect.
Looking forward to your inspirations!