It has been a week!  This time of year, things start to pick up at the office and I'm in the thick of it!  So when Friday comes, I feel like I am opening big huge doors and stepping through to Heaven!  Just thinking about all the creative time that awaits me makes me giddy! 

So here we are one day away from the giveaway deadline and I'm getting super excited!  I can't wait to work with the winner on his/her designs!  My friend, Claire, who visited me last weekend for an art play date, has generously given me permission to show her doodle and a little glimpse of what we created with it once we made it into a brush in PE7. 

Of course, we could have continued pushing the design further and further but we ran out of time.  I love the stage that we got to with it and I can see its potential for becoming more and more interesting.  This is what I plan to do with the giveaway winner.  Take your design and push the limits of what I can do with it to provide a unique design in a digital layout for fabric or paper as well as a Thermofax screen to be able to use on many surfaces! 

Sunday morning I will announce the winner!!!!  See you then!


HollyM said…
If there is one giveaway I'm h wishing on its this one! I love your friends doodle. It will make a very interesting screen.
elle said…
This give away has me gnashing my teeth as well. What a fabulous opportunity! I do suppose we can all be winners if we give the time to push our own selves out of our little grooves, well, ruts! Happy weekend!
Adrian said…
What an amazing design! Fabulous colors. Really, really nice!
Be well and enjoy the weekend! Yeah!
Amazing is right. I love it. I am impressed... but that is nothing new!