Studio Sunday and Mini Screens

Well, the usual is happening here in my Studio this Sunday.  I feel like I completely wasted Saturday as I just could not get focused in one direction.  Kind of like tossing everything in the air and trying to catch what comes down which then jumbles everthing all up.  This is how I feel.....fried

However, I'm simplifying (for the moment) and experimenting with these mini Thermofax screens that I made.  I'm finding that I really like screening in white then using watercolor paints to bring the image back into focus.  Tell me what you think????  These screen images are approximately 3 1/2" wide.  I have played with them using pink watercolors with the white print on a chartreuse background and then I decided to take a step back from the brights and try using a tea-stained muslin as the background.

I'm thinking it might be cool to stitch in the flower lines and extend the stitching outside of the screened area to create more depth.  Let me know if you are interested in this set and I will add them to my Etsy.  The set would be $15.  The flower image was created from tracing one of my flower photos seen here.  Of course if anyone is interested in this as an 8 x 10 screen, please contact me as well.


I like what you're thinking, Margaret. I'd love to see it quilted/extended beyond the images for depth, as you explained it. And I think that's a great price. Lovely image. I'd like to send you some of my photos... custom make something? I've not had alot of time to get into it... but I WANT TO!!!! Lovely. Like your ideas, MUCHLY!
Oh I love both of your results...the colorful and the less colorful. I'm really liking the orange flowers on the more neutral background. Can't wait to see how they look after your stitching. Now I wanna play with my screens too. :(
Adrian said…
Hiya, Margaret! These squares are wonderful. Please, put the screens up in your shop. I like the idea of filling in the flowers with paint on top of the the paint. It will enable me to get the watercolor look I love so much.
And, btw, I have been loving the screens I got in your shop! Just today, I took a white cami that I hadn't worn for the past well, at least 8 years, and printed the flowers silhouette in rose fabric paint and I am sitting here, shirtless, waiting for it to dry. Now that's some way to make art to wear!