Refueling and Releasing Creativity

TGIF!  Welcome to Friday!  What a week it has been for me at my job and I'm glad to be back in my studio, refueling my creative energy getting ready to spend two full days releasing those ideas that have been brewing all week.  What I find is really funny is how some of my best creative thinking comes while I am sitting in traffic driving to and from work.  Does anyone else have this experience???  I will be sitting in traffic, stop and go, stop and go, and all of a sudden something will come to me.  It isn't necessarily a huge spark but even a tiny morsel of an idea will continue to grow while I'm in drive. 

Sometimes this happens in the shower as well, but for the most part, I think I am trying to move along quickly to get done and get dressed.  It is once I've driven as far as I could at a good speed and then come upon the usual highway backup that I start to settle in.

What time of the day stimulates your most creative thinking time?  Do your ideas just come upon you at any time or do you see a pattern?  While you are walking, or washing the dishes?  I would love to hear from you on this.  Really, leave me a comment!

My Giveaway Winner, Gill, has been in touch and I hope to get to work on her design soon!  I am hoping to share some of this process with you.  I hope to have new ideas to show you on my Studio Sunday posting!  Let's get creative!!!


Adrian said…
Hiya! yes, ideas come when I am relaxed! The subconscious works on a problem or idea and can only release it when there is a space!
I hope you always carry a notebook or journal to scribble down your sparks!
Margaret Applin said…
Thanks for the feedback, Adrian! I wonder if I am too relaxed while driving???? I want to keep a journal but I always end up with separate pieces of paper which I can then scan more easily than a bound journal. I keep trying!
jgr said…
Hi Margaret, thank you for following my blog. You are #200 and I'm having a give-away. Your blog is wonderful I'm going to look around some more.
To answer your question:

Ideas come to me at all different times, I am never far from a sketch book so I can capture the inspiration.
Margaret Applin said…
THanks jgr! I'm loving your sketchbook in your giveaway!!