LuAnne Kessi and Permission to Play

Art touches our lives in so many ways and if there is one thing I love about having art in my life is the connections that I have made to people across the United States and around the globe.  How amazing it is to be able to have a conversation with a like-minded soul and make friends through the internet!  I have been to some fabulous creative workshops and retreats over the past 10 years.  The driving force to attend has always been about stretching myself as an artist and learning new techniques.  If you asked me today what I made or learned during those workshops, I would probably have to think a bit to recall exactly what I got out of it.  But, if you asked me what the most memorable parts of these events were I could answer you easily - "that's the one where I met Pat" or "that's the one where I met Debbi".  It's the people who I have met who share a part of themselves with me and I with them.  Those are the moments most remembered and I wouldn't trade them for anything!

In selling my Thermofax screens, I have already met so many new people, created on-line friendships and shared art and life stories.  This is what it is all about.  LuAnne Kessi is one of my new acquaintences.  LuAnne is a very creative and sharing artist who runs a workshop called Permission to Play, which is a free class offerring to cancer diagnosed patients, is hosted by her art journal quilt group by the name of "Living Well with Cancer and Healing Through Quilting."  When I found out that the P2P workshop in October was all about Thermofax screen-printing, I donated a handful of my screens to LuAnne to share at her workshops. 

LuAnne puts together a slide show after each workshop showing what everyone had made and I urge everyone to check out her blog, May Your Bobbin Always be Full, to learn more about the P2P workshops and LuAnne's own beautiful artwork as well.

I am thrilled to share the link to the P2P workshop post where you can see all the fun they had with screen-printing including a very special Thank You!


Sandra said…
Margaret, thank you so much for sharing the story of how LuAnne Kessi is using her creative gifts to bring love and joy as a healing art for patients diagnosed with cancer. Your willingness to donate those screens was just one of the stepping stones that was guided by the love of our Lord. Just as I feel HE has guided me to your blog this morning out of my desire to know how best to use my blog to share HIS word of how ART SAVES. Thank you for being my muse and I plan to share LuAnne's story and your blog post link with my blog community.
Adrian said…
What a wonderful, unselfish thing you did, Margaret. The pictures of everybody creating with the thermofax screens is really heartwarming. What a great way to contribute to their healing.
Amanda Trought said…
Margaret, such a blessing being here, very inspiring work and lovely to connect with you, will check out Luannes blog. Have a blessed weekend. Amanda

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Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
~Rasz~ said…
Hi Margaret. I found you through Sandra's blog. That was such a wonderful generous gift you gave. Thank you for sharing the links too. Have a blessed week,