I'm In Quilt Scene!

Most of you are probably tired of hearing about me being published (LOL) but here is the LAST one for 2011.  I currently do not have any other publications lined up (at this very moment) hehehe

I'm sure you remember seeing this bag.  I painted fabric with acrylic paints and then screen-printed with my Doodled Squares and my doodled flowers Thermofax screens.  It was a blast and it was such a fast and simple project.

Well, now you can also see it here, (a little worn), on page 114 of the International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene magazine that just hit the newsstands!  It's accompanied by my instructions for creating the general bag structure.

No laughing please :)))  I'm all for a multi-use project!!!!  The fact is, I was laughing when I saw the Table of Contents page on the Quilting Daily site.  A fabulous flower pot for sure!!!  Seriously, I love the way they presented the bag.  I never for a moment thought that it would be included in a full-page photo!  And I know I've said it before but I am so grateful to Pokey, Helen, Ellen, Lindsey and Interweave for all of the opportunities they presented to me in 2011.  This has been my year for publishing and I can only hope that I have more opportunities in 2012!

Stay tuned for some serious studio time this weekend!!!  Oh yes, let's not forget about the big SNOW STORM coming tomorrow night!  This is October, right????


The bag is delightful, no doubt about it! I really do admire your sense of design, all your screen printing, and color sense with all of it. It's seriously cool, and congrats on the publishing gigs! I'll look forward to seeing it... Way to go!
gill said…
Great bag! I don't know this magazine though - I'm off to a quilt show today so I will look for it. Sometimes some vendors have a few US magazines
I can't believe you're expecting snow - here it's really mild and sunny!