Doin' a Happy Dance!

Yes!  I am doing a little Happy Dance!  Why, you ask?  2 BIG HUGE REASONS!!!  First, we are getting close to the giveaway date!  Saturday night at midnight!!!  I'm super excited to work with the giveaway winner to design their Thermofax screen and digital layout!!!

And the other reason I'm dancing????  I just received an invitation from Quilting Arts to submit a proposal for a Workshop DVD!!!!  Woohoooo!!!  Sooooo exciting!!!  Of course, I have to come up with a good idea (easier said than done)!  On that note, I'm off to brainstorm :)

Check this out - I think this looks like a batik design made using soy wax.  What do you think??  I love how Sequana has been finding faces in my designs.  Does anyone see a face or animal or something in this design?

This was a quick design layout that I made using this little image.  We have some oak trees at work that drop leaves with very interesting shapes so I brought a few home and scanned them.

Just a little more inspiration for the giveaway winner!!!


Sequana said…
These could be lion heads...the male with all the fluffy fur around his face.

If they were human, they could be pics of Bigfoot....haha

In any event, it's a really nice design.
elle said…
Congratulations. You'll do great!
I love the leaf print, and look forward to seeing your DVD! Congratulations!