A Thing About Expectations...

"It is a common observation that those who dwell continually upon their expectations are apt to become oblivious to the requirements of their actual situation."   - Charles Sanders Peirce

I have to laugh at myself.  I had a goal this weekend; incorporate paper into my artwork.  That's it.  Simple.  Not at all a tremendous feat.  Ok, so I'm only 1/2 way through the weekend, but as Saturday night closes in around me, it always feels like the weekend is over.  And this is because I place sooooo much emphasis on my weekend design time.  My personal expectations always get in the way.  There is also that fear that next year might not be as amazing as this year with the growth of my artwork. 

So have I created anything today with paper?  A little, nothing huge.  Not enough to feel like I am on a path that I want to be headed down.  So I play...........and play.........and play...

I play with transparency transfers... (didn't work out as planned but I am happy with the results)

I play with digital design... (layering and layering and blending and blending)

I play with digital designs on art quilts...  (all out of Jacquard ink-jet printer sheets)

And then I break down and go make some new screens...

and try and print on everything I can!

And that's how it has gone today.  If you could see my studio, you would fall over!  Every drawer is open with something hanging out, every flat workable table-top is covered, and I'm overwhelmed with ideas and trying to re-direct them.  Tomorrow morning, I will turn on my computer, grab a big cup of coffee and face the day with purpose.  There is always tomorrow :)


From what I see here, it looks like you have had some great play time. I like the colors and shapes in the small green/red quilt.
HollyM said…
I would be totally satisfied if I did everything you did. I envy you the ability to do the digital design (I don't have software yet and computer is too old). It will come someday.
I love everything you did with the wheel designs, if that's what they are.
Adrian said…
Hey Margaret, that is a really cool screen design! What. Did you run off somewhere to have it made in the middle of your day. whoa! Such energy! YGG! as they say..