Studio Sunday

It's been a productive weekend for sure; just hate to see it go :)  I did finally get into somewhat of a groove today and started making journals.  It wasn't exactly the paper component that I was looking to create in my artwork but one step leads to the next.  Take a look a one shot of my scarry studio!  I'm out growing it as we speak!  LOL I have 3 huge tables flanking three walls within my studio.  They are all covered!  I'm embarassed to say the least, but it definitely is a "working" studio.  I'll have to make sure my tax accountant sees this!

So, this morning, I had  major screen-printing fest in my livingroom.  I printed on watercolor paper and on fabrics.  (This is for Terri with her love of orange and pink!) 

So I really got into screen printing on my fabric pieces, some previously painted and some not.  I'm still using acrylic paint to print with but soon I will be testing the waters with Rit dyes.  I'll never convert to fiber-reactive dyes so I have to play with everything else.  I know the dyes will open up a completely different element to my fiber art and layering of images.

So, here is a sneak peak at my journals!   Shhhhhhh, I feel an article coming on!  Stay tuned!

I'm thinking I might make some to sell as they are on the smaller side and would make great gifts!  Holly Mclean, one of my followers (Hi Holly!) said that my new screen imagery looks like wheels!  What a great interpretation Holly!  These images began as doodled flower,s but as I worked with them in Photoshop Elements, they took on a much different look and feel.  A couple still resemble flowers but I do love the more Aztec, wheel, and fossil look.  It's all about developing personal imagery!

Well, who knows what ideas will develop mid week.  I'll be sure to check in with any updates.  Have a great week!



Oooo great colors!!! And imagery!!! I'd love to rifle through all those piles on your tables and steal a few.
HollyM said…
I love all the colors (pink and orange is one of my favorites too) and the designs. Isn't it funny to read my name on your blog. As I looked a t the designs i was also reminded of clocks or sundials.